Untied – Because the Lord needs you

Luke 19:28-40 details the special preparations Jesus made for his entry into Jerusalem.  Let’s examine a few of the details:

  • Jesus walked alone ahead of his disciples, perhaps in reflection about the things that were going to happen when he reached Jerusalem.

  • Jesus selected with care the route through the towns of Bethpage and Bethany on the Mount of Olives.  This allowed many to participate in celebration of the Lord's arrival. 

  • Jesus picked a young donkey which had never been ridden for his triumphant ride into Jerusalem. He told his disciples what to tell anyone who asked why they were untying the donkey.  They were to say, “Because the Lord needs it.”

As we go through this Holy Week, let us consider the donkey and the power created by untying the animal.

  • Jesus wanted the donkey untied because the Lord needed it to be more than a beast of burden.

  • Jesus wanted the donkey untied because the Lord needed it for his triumphant entry into Jerusalem.  Many would see this entry as a parade, but the Pharisees saw it as a protest. 

  • Jesus wanted the donkey untied because the Lord needed to ride it so that Scripture (Zechariah 9:9) would be fulfilled.

Just as the donkey was untied, Jesus also wants us to be untied. 

  • Untied so that we can become more than conquerors. 

  • Untied so that He can free us from the burdens of life.

  • Untied so that we can be of greater service to others.  

  • Untied so that we might have  everlasting life.  

As we travel through this Holy Week, remember that Jesus has provided us the way.  He sacrificed to set us free to be used in His service.  Jesus wants us untied because He wants us to be one with Him.