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An emerging faith leader Marben is a pastor, writer, and entrepreneur who is committed to humbly serving the Lord while being a successful business leader as a bivocational pastor.


A gifted writer, fundraiser, podcaster and social media strategist Marben has a distinctive skill set with a proven track record of success in growing people, revenue and converts in the military, business and now the church.  

Marben has decided to take on a limited number of business and faith based clients helping them to achieve success in fundraising campaigns, website design, social media branding, podcasting and business development. 

A true entrepreneur Marben loves a challenge and wants to become a partner in your success. His direct cell is open to you at 608 358 1309, his email address is: marben@marbenbland.com

Solutions From Marben Bland  

Marben and his team of experts can tailor a solution for the issues facing your business, church, or nonprofit. 

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