Praising My Way Through It: Opportunities, Assurances and Promises

Candidates in whom I invested emotions, time, physical effort and financial resources lost in Texas and Florida.  Stacey Abrams, a candidate whom I totally supported, is currently behind in votes in Georgia.  She is counting on absentee ballots to propel her to a long shot, run-off election that traditionally favors Republicans.  

As I survey the electoral landscape, there still remains a reason for us to give praise!  I am reminded of the opportunity, assurance and promises of Psalms 146.  In the first stanza, the psalmist calls on us to praise the Lord for a lifetime.  We are reminded that no matter what happens, we always have this opportunity.  He says, “I will sing praises to my God as long as I live.”  The assurance comes as the psalmist calls us to not put our trust in mortal leaders.  If anything, the election has reinforced the psalmist truism that “mortals cannot save us.”  The promises described in Psalm 146 comes as the psalmist reminds us, “happy is the person whose help and hope is from God.” 

God is faithful forever!  In Psalm 146, the Lord makes the following promises that a politician would never make or keep.  The Lord promises to:

-      Help those in trouble

-      Give food to the hungry

-      Set the prisoners free

-      Open the eyes of the blind

-      Raise up those who are down

-      Love those who are right and good

-      Keep the strangers safe

-      Take care of the children who have no father, and the woman whose husband has died.

2005 Grammy Award-Winning Gospel Artist and Pastor, William Murphy, released the song “Praise Is What I Do.”  A key stanza in the song is:

“I vow to praise You
Through the good and the bad
I'll praise You
Whether happy or sad
I'll praise You
In all that I go through
Because praise is what I do.”

As we move forward from this midterm election, let us stand on the opportunities, assurances and promises of Psalm 146.  Regardless of who got elected or defeated, I am going to praise my way through it because praise is what I do!

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