Project Management for Non Project Managers


About this seminar

Whether you’re a designer, a developer, or an entrepreneur who’s looking to get your own company off the ground, knowing how to effectively lead a team and complete a project is an essential element of success.

This seminar reviews the fundamentals of project management. It’s a good place to start whether you’ve found yourself taking on a project management role in your organization or are looking to transition to a career in the field.

In this workshop, you’ll get an introduction to project management processes and best practices for interacting with the client, stakeholders and your team. Working with real world examples, you’ll gain the tools and resources that you’ll need to increase focus and improve your team’s productivity.


·       Learn about the four phases of a project

·       An overview project management methodologies:

·       How to create a project schedule, budget, and resource plan

·       How to assess risk and anticipate future problems in the project lifecycle

·       Proven techniques for meeting management

·       How to communicate effectively with clients, stakeholders and the project



Customized for your workplace

Marben specializes in customizing the project management seminar to fit to the needs of the client.  Contact Marben directly or 608 358 1309 to get the ball rolling on a solution to your project management challenges.