3 Keys for Job Search Success on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has reached Critical Mass

Membership in LinkedIn has a reached a point of critical mass where it’s unwise for any serious job seeker or professional not to be on LinkedIn. Here is why, LinkedIn members can search and connect with profiles from employees of virtually every Fortune 500 firm along with scores of employees and owners of small and midsize business not to mention over 130,000 recruiters.  Collectively this profiles represent over 130 different industries,

Search LinkedIn

Take a few minutes to search LinkedIn and I’m sure you’ll find lots of contacts from your current and prior employers, clients, vendors, and schools. All those contacts have the potential to help you grow your career or find a new job.

3 Steps to Find A Job On LinkedIn

1.    Create a 100% Optimized Profile. The profile is the gateway to a successful LinkedIn job search.  A recent Career Track recruiter survey reveals that    recruiters have a 10 times better chance of finding you if your profile is complete and optimized.  In my February 2011 Smart Job Search post 10 Tips for Optimizing LinkedIn I layout, tips for creating a 100% optimized profile.
2.    Build A Purpose Driven Network. Connecting with other LinkedIn members and building your network requires a direction, a plan, and a purpose.  In my You Tube video A LinkedIn Tip Your Contacts  outlines  a strategy for building a purpose driven network

 3.    Search Jobs.  LinkedIn has become a hub for job posting with companies both large and small posting all types of jobs on the site.  While a premium job search function is available for about $30, the free job search function is very robust and can meet the needs of most job seekers.

The Bottom Line for the Smart Job Searcher

What do Microsoft, Ebay, Netflix, and Target have in common?  These companies along with many others have used LinkedIn to recruit candidates. They are using LinkedIn to find passive and active job candidates.  So for the Smart Job Seeker LinkedIn must be a part of your strategy


Marben Bland is an accomplished speaker, writer, and thought leader focused on 4  interconnected areas:

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