The Veteran I Know


The veteran I know has served in conflicts from Bosnia to Iraq to Afghanistan.

The veteran I know has spent countless days away from home often in harm’s way but with never a worry about the home front because it was expertly managed by his devoted wife.   The loving couple who met in college, have raised three wonderful girls who have become amazing young ladies.

The veteran I know served willingly never complaining about the mission, the hardships, or the dangers over a two plus decade long military career.

The veteran I know is Lieutenant Colonial Maurice T. Bland, United States Army Retired.

The veteran I know is my brother and my hero. His life story is like that of countless men and women who wore the uniform of their country. He and they served without a thought about fame, fortune, or gratitude.

On this Veterans Day, and everyday let us show our appreciation for the bravery, devotion and service of veterans we know and the many veterans we don’t know.


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Marben Bland, is a veteran of the US Army

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