The Best Advice I Have Ever Received

Note: In February LinkedIn has asked professionals to share the words of wisdom that made all the difference in their lives. This is my contribution to the #BestAdvice stories of posts.

I grew up in a mystical, magical, place that I lovely call the Georgia outback. As part of the first decade of transition from the segregated “Jim Crow” south to the integrated “New South” question abound sounding the capabilities of me and my fellow “Negro” students as we left the “separate but equal” all Black school to enter the integrated world at the previously all white school.  

Considerate to the concerns that many in our tight netted community the pastor of our church and the principal of our school held a joint meeting for encouragement, support and prayer.   The meeting was a combination of a church service and pep rally, with inspiring songs, brilliant prayers and rousing speeches.

Our principal Gerome Guy made one of those rousing speeches where he remained us of one simple thing and that was: “You Can”   Mr. Guy said told us that we had been prepared well by the teachers and staff of the Maggie Califf School. Over the years graduates of the school have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, businessmen and other highly regarded professions. Mr. Guy when on to say that reason why these students facing the impossible odds of being poor, growing up in a small segregated southern town were successful was because they knew they could and you can as well.

Then J. Hansel Lismore the pastor of the Saint Paul, African Methodist Episcopal Church got up to speak. In measured tones the pastor who had risen from poverty to become an officer in the Navy and had overcome blindness said, with all due respect to principal Guy he is correct that own your own “You Can” however, with God You Will.

He then reminded us of how with God, David defeated Goliath, he told us with God Moses parted the Red Sea and with God, Jesus was risen from the dead. Finally, Reverend Lismore said if God and do all of that just think of what He can do for you when you take Him with you to that school. – “You Will” if you take God with you!

Nearly 45 years later the advice “You Will if you take God with you” has proven to be the best  advice I have ever received. Taking God with me has been the difference in obtaining my education, raising a family and being successful in business.

In reading the #BestAdvice posts I have been truly amazed by the thoughtful, clever, and wonderful advice given. Many of these nuggets, I have treasured, will follow and will share with others. However, I challenge anyone to find better advice than I received from Reverend Lismore that day, “instead of you can, you will if you take God with you.”

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P.S. What was the best advice you have been given? Drop me a line you notes to me are always confidential.


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  1. Muriel Smith Glenn

    The best advice that I have received came from my pastor the late Joanne Seward and the elder of my church they told me, “Don’t let nothing and no one shake your faith in God”. This has been extremely instrumental to me because this Christian walk is not easy. One could easily give up because of what someone has said or done to hurt you …. the thing that keeps me going is the fact that JESUS my Lord and Savior was willing to go through much more for the sake of the world so who am I? Why wouldn’t I go through something as being a follower of Christ! – MSG


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