The 10 Traits of Fantastic Leaders




Fantastic and leader; perhaps, these two concepts together are foreign to most of us. However, fantastic leadership is possible, probable and potential in our lives.

Are fantastic leader born or made? Regardless of where the ability comes from there are traits that have made them fantastic.   Here are 10 of them:

1. Honesty – A commitment to go beyond just telling the truth. The burning desire to make your word golden in the world.

2. Humble – An understanding that it is never all about you.

3. Humor – The ability to always find something to laugh about in almost any situation.

4. Persistence – A relentless focus on the possibilities; instead of what can’t be done. Resisting the “we tried that before” syndrome that keeps us form innovating a better solution.

5. Vision – Looking beyond the day to day; while still being grounded in the necessity of the now.

6. Resiliency – The capability to take a punch and get back up again…and again.

7. Listening – The wellness to block out distractions, perceptions and the noise. A personal commitment to be fully present for and to the person who is communicating with you.

8. Self-Awareness – An unswerving desire to understand your capabilities and how you affect others.

9. Self-Development – Acknowledging the need to never stop learning.

10. Servant Leader – The wiliness to place the desires, well-being, and success of those that you lead over your own.

We can all be fantastic leaders, and these traits are the road map to get us there.

Enjoy the leadership.

© 2015 Marben Bland

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