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The Veteran I Know


The veteran I know has served in conflicts from Bosnia to Iraq to Afghanistan.

The veteran I know has spent countless days away from home often in harm’s way but with never a worry about the home front because it was expertly managed by his devoted wife.   The loving couple who met in college, have raised three wonderful girls who have become amazing young ladies.

The veteran I know served willingly never complaining about the mission, the hardships, or the dangers over a two plus decade long military career.

The veteran I know is Lieutenant Colonial Maurice T. Bland, United States Army Retired.

The veteran I know is my brother and my hero. His life story is like that of countless men and women who wore the uniform of their country. He and they served without a thought about fame, fortune, or gratitude.

On this Veterans Day, and everyday let us show our appreciation for the bravery, devotion and service of veterans we know and the many veterans we don’t know.


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Marben Bland, is a veteran of the US Army

Top 10 Reasons for Hiring Veterans

As we take time this Memorial Day Weekend to remember the “last measure of devotion” given by our brave men and women in uniform, I wanted to use this space to urge the many hiring managers and recruiters who read this blog to make a serious effort to hire veterans.

The Business Case for Hiring Veterans

Hiring and transitioning veterans into the workplace strengthens any organization. With only minimal effort and cost, companies can easily become veteran friendly. When hiring a veteran employers will find loyal, dedicated and highly motivated leaders with proven skills and abilities that employers want and need. Many employers may not be aware that 80% of all jobs in the private sector have a correlation in the military.  The military produces surgeons, scientists, engineers, photographers, technicians and many other skilled workers, along with the significant advantage of cross-cultural experience.

Top 10 Reasons for Hiring Veterans

10. Global Perspective: Veterans are tuned in to what’s going on in the world.
9. On time, all the time: Veterans know that every second counts.
8. First-class image: A professional appearance is a must in the military.
7. Calm under pressure: Veterans are trained to handle stress, both off and on the job.
6. Can-do attitude: Veterans always project a positive attitude.
5. Physical conditioning: Veterans are in top physical condition and are drug free.
4. Mission-critical skills:80% of all jobs in the private sector have a military correlation.

3. Responsibility: Veterans know how to make decisions meet deadlines
2. Professionalism: Veterans have an air of self-respect and a sense of honor.
1. Leadership: Veterans are proven leaders and are highly motivated.

The Bottom Line

In today’s challenging economy, employers know they have to get their hiring decisions right. Veterans are a proven source of talent. They can provide an immediate bottom-line benefit because they are already credentialed, and their skills have been shaped and tested under the most challenging circumstances.  The Smart Employer knows that hiring a veteran is good for the country and good for business.  – No finer tribute can be given to does who gave the “last measure of devotion” to hiring a veteran. Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend.