Have you Googled yourself lately?

Recently I was invited to participate in a Career Day to help prepare students as they entered the workforce. There were recruiters from companies conducting mock interviews, doing résumé reviews, and a wonderful organization, Save a Suit, outfitting students with new professional attire. My role was to check their online identities, and coach them on how to create high visibility and build positive reputations.

Thankfully, and maybe a little surprisingly, nothing that could potentially stall new careers was revealed when Googling the students — no “digital dirt” or “digital deal-breakers.” What I found primarily fell into these categories:

  • Facebook pages where privacy was set to “public” instead of “friends.” Even if there is nothing to hide, it’s a good practice to limit those who can see your wall and pictures.
  • No online references at all. When a recruiter has two good résumés in hand, the candidate who has positive online information has a better chance: mentions or photos that are evidence of community service/volunteer work; contributions to online professional discussions demonstrate your communication skills and knowledge level; official roles in local/business groups indicate leadership ability, etc.
  • Positive results — either accidental or deliberate. One student who proudly showed me all his highly visible mentions and properly keyword-ed profiles caused me to remark that he would be easily found when company recruiters searched for candidates in his specialty. “Recruiters? I’m going to be one of those talking heads on CNN,” he corrected me.

Heed these same guidelines as you engage the online community, either for a job or to grow your business or to connect with friends.   Comment on blogs – (You can start with this post!!)  participate in the discussions on LinkedIn. Becoming known for what you know; will increase your profile so your name comes up in that Google search by the headhunter, hiring manager or that long lost boyfriend!!!

“All business is now personal,” said David Armano, executive vice president of global innovation and integration at Edelman Digital, at the World Business Forum. He calls this ability for people to socially connect via technology the “third revolution,” and it’s a professional imperative to this well. So  Have you Googled yourself lately?

Marben Bland is an accomplished speaker, writer, and thought leader focused on three interconnected areas:

  1. Social Media Branding  increasing sales & awareness by creating lasting impressions
  2. Recruiting  finding world class talent for leading business and non profits
  3. Job Coaching  providing solid solutions for finding a job

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Oh What A Night – SPEED NETWORKING in Pittsburgh

Take 40 people, entrepreneurs, job seekers, business leaders.  Add in a wonderful setting at the Sigmas Conference and Event Center with superb food splendid wine and finally include a unique SPEED NETWORKING format…..and what do you get?  

You get Oh What A Night!   A night where contacts were made, business was generated, and job search leads and ideas were exchanged.  

On Thursday, February 25 a new community was born, an unqualified success was created,and you were a part of it…..  SPEED NETWORKING Pittsburgh!   And guess what we are going to do it again on March 25 when SPEED NETWORKING Pittsburgh returns to the Sigmas Conference and Event Center, from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM.  

  See What Happend  On February 25th

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SPEED NETWORKING – Pittsburgh   
March 25, 2010   
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM   
Sigmas Conference & Event Center   
1717 Babcock Blvd.  
Pittsburgh, PA




Attend Pittsburgh’s 1st Open Speed Networking Event!

Attend Pittsburgh’s 1st Open Speed Networking Event!

Thursday, February 25, 2010  5:00 PM – 8:00 PM  

Sigmas Conference & Event Center

1717 Babcock Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA

Launch yourself into a new circle of people waiting to talk to you!

 Have you ever attended a networking event and did not meet the people you wanted to meet?

Are you looking for a new job and would like to meet potential employers?

As an entrepreneur are you seeking to grow and expand your business?

Then find the people who can help you answer these questions at Pittsburgh’s First Speed Networking Event! 

With the unique SPEED NETWORKING format, you will meet more people, make more contacts, and generate more business and job search ideas in one short evening, than you ever thought was possible at a networking event! 

 How Does Speed Networking Works
From 5:00 PM-8:00 PM a series of fast paced SPEED NETWORKING sessions will be conducted.  During each session you will be able to network face-to-face with a manageable group of people timed and designed so that you can meet everyone in the group. There will also be unstructured networking time

Register Now at http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e2pu1sor4b17e866