Why It Is Better Being Flo Instead of The Marlboro Man

The Marlboro Man2Do you remember the Marlboro Man? That rugged dude who lives life on his own terms and by his own rules. He didn’t need anyone or anything; just his horse and of course, his cigarettes.

If you are as old as me, not only do you remember him; but, you have most likely had Marlboro Man moments. That is, you have tried to do it all, on your own, without even as much as a cigarette.

You may have experienced some success in those endeavors. However, what was the cost? How sustainable is the Marlboro Man approach?

Some of you may have discovered the fallacy of the Marlboro Man. Instead, you have embraced the realness of another spokesperson, Flo from Progressive.

Flo is the complete opposite of the Marlboro Man, she is always in need of others. She seeks outFlo the company of co-workers, customers and you; in her grand scheme to let the world know the goodness of auto, home, and boat insurance.

Let’s Compare the two corporate spokespersons; and see why it is better to believe and follow the realness of Flo than the strong silent type of the Marlboro Man.



Final Thought: We Can’t Do It Alone

This widely satirical example of comparing Flo and the Marlboro Man was done to prove one simple point. No man or woman is an island. Our success depends on others. Being a team player, showing concern and having passion for our work and those who we work with is the key. We must work well with others in the sandbox. The skill set that Flo brings will always bring out the best in others; while the Marlboro Man, doesn’t mind sitting alone in the sandbox.

So, put out the cigarette and join Flo. The success will make you progressively better

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