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July 4th Safe Driving Tips

The National Safety Council (NSC) predicts that as many as 409 Americans will be killed during the long 4th of July weekend.  If these forecasts are accurate it would be highest Independence Day weekend, total since 2008.

According to the NSC factors that will contribute to this deadly total includes:

  • As the U.S. continues to emerge from the Great Recession more Americans are taking to the road
  • Weekend holidays tend to have higher levels of traffic and this year’s July 4th is on a Saturday
  • On average, there are 37 percent more highway fatalities on July 4 than the average July day

The National Safety Council suggested a variety of ways motorists can avoid becoming a holiday statistic:

  • Buckle Up: The NSC estimates that seatbelts are expected to save 155 lives during the three-day holiday, and another 99 Americans would be saved if they also buckled up.
  • Child Car Seats: Placing children in appropriate safety seats, is credited with saving more than one hundred young lives a year.
  • Slow Down: Speed is one of the major contributing factors in summer driving fatalities.
  • Hang Up the Phone: Studies show that using a cellphone even when it is hands free is distracted driving. And, of course texting while behind the wheel is a big no-no.
  • Don’t Drink and Drive: Driving under the influence is the single largest cause of motor vehicle fatalities.

The July 4th holiday is a wonderful time to spend with time with family and friends.  Have fun but remain vigilant while on the road.  Taking a few precautions can help ensure a memorable weekend.  Because spending the holiday with family is better than spending time in the ER!