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Mothers: The Deliverers Of Life

While God creates life he selected Mothers to deliver life.

Mary the Mother of Jesus celebrates her role in delivering life in the verses of Luke 1: 46-55 when she says:
“The Lord has looked on me, His servant-girl and one who is not important. But from now on all people will honor me. He Who is powerful has done great things for me.”

God has selected mothers to deliver life:

However a mother does not have to birth the child to deliver life to a child

– The Reverend Gloria Wicker has been a spiritual mother to me. Delivering life in how to be a pastor.

– Mrs. Fedora Patterson has been a neighborly mother to me. Delivering life in proving a home away from home. Along with candy to me and all of my siblings as we grew up next door.

– Mrs. Jamie Fuller has been a mother of confidence for me. Delivering a belief in me at time in my life when I had little belief in myself.

God has selected mothers to deliver life:

However a mother does not have to birth the child to deliver life to a child.

MaryMary Fanroy-Milton is the aunt of my daughter in law Erika. Although Mary never gave birth to a child she has delivered life to others.

Mary was killed last week in an auto accident but she had made the decision to be an organ donor.

After her death her heart was rushed to the airport for transplant to a deserving patent. A helicopter and several other planes were on hand to rush her remaining organs to other folks in need.

According to Mary’s sister Laura Witherspoon, because of Mary’s generous gift, she has delivered life to 6 people.

God has selected all of us to deliver life:

The National Organ Transplant Fund reports:
• 22 people die every day while waiting for a transplant.
• 1 organ donor can save 8 lives and change the lives of more than 50 people.
• Almost anyone can be an organ donor, regardless of age or medical history.
• All major religions in the U.S. support organ donation.
• Donors can still have open casket funerals, and organ donation doesn’t cost the donor’s family any money.
• If a person is hospitalized, the medical staff provides the best possible care, regardless of organ donor status. Donation is only considered after a patient has died.
• Donors are needed for all races and ethnic groups. Transplant success rates increase when organs are matched between members of the same ethnic background.
• Signing the back of your license or a donor card is not enough. To officially register as an organ donor got to https://registerme.org to register.

God has selected all of us to deliver life:

John 15:13 tells us that “The greatest love people can show is to die for their friends.”

Mary3Mary Fanroy-Milton has demonstrated that all of us Mothers, Fathers and people who have never had children can be delivers of life.

On this Mother’s Day, I hope that you will honor Mary as we obey the command of John 15:13 and show the greatest love by becoming an organ donor.

For God blesses those who deliver life.