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I am Stuck

I am stuck:

Stuck can be defined as a lack of movement.  How often have you found yourself stuck?

  • Stuck in a relationship that is going nowhere
  • Stuck in a job that unsatisfying
  • Stuck in a life without hope, excitement and a prospect of a brighter tomorrow

In contrast, the opposite of being stuck is movement.

  • Movement in a relationship of mutual love and respect
  • Movement in doing work of consequence
  • Movement in a life of significance

As Christians we worship a God of purpose-driven movement.

Look at all of the purpose-driven movement that God does in Genesis 1: 1-31 the first chapter of the first book of the Bible.  In Genesis:

  • God: Creates the heavens and the earth
  • God: Separates the light from the dark
  • God: Establishes plants, animals, fish and fowl
  • God: Makes man and woman

As Christians, we find ourselves sometimes stuck without movement.  And we justify our stuck condition with God’s Word.  Saying our lack of movement is “because we are waiting for the Lord.”

We will use verses like Isaiah 40:31 in this justification:

But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. 

And while the Bible is clear about the importance of waiting on the Lord’s timing, it is equally as clear that, as we wait on the Lord, we should not be idle; we should not be doing nothing;

We should: mount up with wings like eagles

We should: run and not be weary

We should: walk and not faint 

We should be moving and not stuck.

In Jeremiah Chapter 29, God commands the Israelites exiled in Babylon not to be stuck.

He tells them that despite the fact they would have to wait for 70 years to be delivered they should be in movement:

God commandants the Israelites to:

“Build houses, plant gardens, marry, have children, seek peace and prosperity.”

In other words while we are waiting on God – We should not be stuck —- we must move.

Therefore, God’s message to us, when we are stuck, is clear. Be obedient to wait on His timing; but get busy using the talents He has given us to do His will.

So let’s get moving:

  • By doing that thing that has forever kept you stuck

So let’s get moving:

  • By understanding that God has things for you to do while you wait on Him

So let’s get moving:

  • By proclaiming His name in every movement we make

For alone I am stuck – But with the Lord I am moving!