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Want A New Job By Christmas? 5 Things You Need to Do Today

As I write this post there are 53 shopping days until Christmas.

If shopping for a new job is one of the items on your list, here are 5 things that you should be doing in the days before December 25th.

  1. Know What You Want

Before launching on the other four items on this list. The first question to ask yourself should be: “What am I looking for in the new job?”

Taking the time to think about what is important to you in your next job will elevate and bring great power to your efforts during the days remaining until Christmas.

What Color is Your Parachute? by Richard Nelson Bolles is a great resource that can help bring clarity to your job search efforts.

  1. Create A Target List Of Companies

As you become clearer about want job you are looking for, the next thing to do is create a target list of long companies that you want to work for.

I have been an advocate of the use of a company target list.  Use this six step to get the process started.

  1. Use Your Network Strategically

A 2012 CareerXroads study reviled that 75% of all available jobs are filled either through employee referrals, social media recruiting or the personal networks of hiring managers’.

This mean that your job search must be focused on strategically networking, backing up your list of target companies ensuring you can make the connections needed to find the next job.

My friend Marc Miller, the founder and CEO of Career Pivot has written extensively about networking.  His white paper Strategic Networking is a great guide in how to turn your existing network into a more powerful force for your job search.

  1. Upgrade your LinkedIn profile and other social media

Having an effective presence on social media and specifically LinkedIn is key in finding that next job.  Today your LinkedIn profile is more critical than a resume in fining new opportunities.

Upgrading and keeping your LinkedIn profile refreshed is central in showing that you are serious about your profession and available for new opportunities.

As a LinkedIn Ninja, I have written extensively about LinkedIn.  Here are a few posts from MarbenBland.Com that can get you started:

3 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your LinkedIn Profile

3 Ways To Transform Your LinkedIn Picture From Crappy to Fabulous

5 Easy Ways To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Standout


  1. Start Spreading The News


The fact that you are looking for a job should not be a secret.  Tell everyone you know that you are looking, counter to what many may think the holidays is a superb time to conduct an effective job search.

In a post I wrote last year called How to Power Up Your Holiday Job Search I outlined strategies for using the parties, dinners and goodwill leading up to Christmas to your job search advantage.


Find A New Job Under Your Tree

Job searching, whether employed or unemployed, is never a fun undertaking.

Use the next 53 days to challenge yourself to take your job search to the next

Good luck and have a very merry job searching Christmas.   



How to Power Up Your Holiday Job Search


Welcome to the holidays, that joyous time of the year full of family, friends, food, and job searching….yes, job searching. While many people think that job searching is the last thing they should be during over the holidays, the days leading up to the New Year are actually the perfect time to power up your job searching activities. Therefore, my holiday gifts to you are a few suggestions on how you can power up your job search during the most wonderful time of the year.

Gift 1: Have  a Holly Jolley Networking Vacation If you are working and also planning to take a vacation, use the time on vacation to schedule some meetings for networking. If you are not working, you could use the same tactic. The holidays are often a slow time at many companies; therefore, the holiday season is an ideal time to connect with those busy potential hiring managers. Take them to lunch or have a cup of coffee with them to celebrate the holiday season. Then let them know you are in the market for a job.

Gift 2: Deck the Halls with a New Professional Image

Use your holiday downtime to redo these important elements of your professional image:

  • Your Resume – Take the time to have your resume professionally rewritten.
  • Your LinkedIn Profile – Your resume and LinkedIn profile are separate beasts; use the slower time of the holidays to reinvent your profile and online job search strategy.
  • Your Thought Leadership Campaign – I strongly urge my clients to be engaged vigorously in thought leadership by writing blogs and being active in trade groups and professional organizations.  Use your holiday downtime wisely, writing blogs, joining professional groups, and reviewing your network.

Gift 3: Become A Party Animal    

Social events are ideal for letting people know you are in the job market. Be brave and accept all the invitations you receive, both personal and professional. You never know who might be able to help. Friends and family members as well as business acquaintances are typically more than happy to assist, especially while they are in a festive holiday mood.

Gift 4: Spread Holiday Cheer Within Your Network

With 80% of all jobs acquired via networking, your network is a valuable job search tool. Use the holidays as leverage to connect with people in your network in various ways including:

  • Phone Calls – It is amazing how effective and novel a phone call can be in this social media age. In addition, you are likely to reach your intended target during the slower than normal holidays.
  • Greeting Cards – Care enough to send the best by taking the time to send a holiday card to select people in your network.
  • Online Greetings – My annual holiday update greeting is a big hit with my network. Send an email blast to your network, updating family accomplishments and announcing your job search.  

The Bottom Line: The Job Search Never Takes A Holiday 

Gifts2While the job search never takes a holiday, it does not mean that you cannot. Please take advantage of this season to relax and enjoy family and friends, but by all means, keep moving with your job search.  By keeping the power up you will be able to get one of the best . t holiday gifts of all…a shiny new job.

Let’s Get To Work!!!

5 Tips for landing a job this holiday season

In less than a month we will be knee deep into the holiday season packed with lots of heartwarming holiday get-togethers, wonderful food, and great family fun.

Most job seekers see the holidays as lousy months to look for work, and at first glance that is probably true.  Potential hiring managers are distracted by festivities, travel and family obligations.  Plus they are often overwhelmed by year-end deadline pressure, and reduced budgets.  Finally companies are often in “slowdown mode” with employees taking time off and decisions being delayed until the start of the new year.

Add all of that to the feeling of many who have been job hunting for a long time that the holidays present the perfect opportunity to take a break from the discouraging task of looking for work and it is clear why the holidays can be lousy months to look for work.

However, it does not have to be that way.  An analysis of the last 4 holiday seasons revel that  90% of job-hunters assisted by my company, The Marben Bland Group who keep at it during the holidays actually found work as a result of those actives as quickly as 3 months after the start of the new year.

Those successful job seekers and their job search coaches have compiled a list of the best practices they have found most helpful in mounting a holiday search.  These 5 tips are presented to you now as our per-holiday gift.

There’s less competition.

Lots of people give up looking over the holidays, and that means you’ll have a better chance.

The holidays put people in a receptive mood.

The focus on family and fun makes people more open to conversation, even with job-seekers.

Holiday parties are great for networking.

In addition to parties thrown by family and friends, professional associations and offices host their own fêtes.

Respond to holiday leads quickly.

If you get a job or networking lead at a holiday party, act on it right away. Momentum is always important in a job search, so don’t wait until the new year to send that e-mail.

Hiring Managers have more time to take your call.

Workloads often lighten up during the holidays. If a hiring manager isn’t out of town, he’s more likely to chat with you than he would be at another time of year.

Bonus Tips

Everyone likes a bonus and because it is the holidays these 3 tips are our bonus to you!!!

Hiring managers must meet end-of-year deadlines.

Some managers have quotas to fill, like hiring 15 marketing staffers by Dec. 31. If they’re behind on hiring when you present yourself, you could get lucky.

Holiday cards offer a great way to stay in touch.

The hiring process often takes weeks, if not months. If you’re in protracted talks with a potential employer, a holiday card can be a great way to remind him or her that you’re available and eager.

Holidays offer time to polish your résumé.

Employed job-seekers looking to make a switch are often too crazed at work to spend time on their résumés. The holiday lull can offer precious time to fix up one’s C.V.

The Bottom Line

The holidays is a time to count  our blessings, yes you may be unemployed or underemployed  however, all is not lost you have a family that loves you and a cadre of people who are rooting for you and willing to help you find that next job.   Our work with thousands of job seekers clearly shows that those who express confidence and are resolute that they will find a job despite the difficulties, setbacks and the time it takes are untimely successful.   So use the holidays to renew your appreciation of all that is good in your life that can help you pursue your search with an attitude that’s most likely to get results that you so richly deserve.   — Happy Holidays!!!!