My Friday Night Dates With Gwen

On most Friday nights regardless of what I was doing or who I happened to be dating I had a date with Gwen.

My date was with Gwen Ifill, who covered politics for some of the country’s premier newspapers before transitioning to broadcast journalism and making her greatest mark as the host of Washington Week.

Ms. Ifill who also served as the co-anchor the PBS News Hour died on November 14th after a yearlong battle with endometrial cancer, she was 61.

Lead by Ms. Ifill, Washington Week features intelligent reporting of the events of the day by the print and the electronic journalist who are coving them.

I loved my Friday night dates with Gwen on Washington Week because there was no shouting, or grandstanding.  My dates with Gwen were simply the best half hour of news and information to be found.

The only problem I had with the program was it was only a half hour.

–  The half hour was not enough for the difficult subjects the program tackled.

– The half hour was not enough for the depth of reporting that the show included.

– The half hour was not enough for the brilliance of Gwen Ifill.

And now my half hour dates with Gwen are over.   However, like the great reporters of my life, Water Cronkite, Helen Thomas, and James Baldwin her influence with me will live on.

All thanks to my Friday night dates with Gwen.