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Trusting The Lord To Be The GPS Of Our Lives

Yesterday, after spending a wonderful weekend visiting with my son, daughter in law and three delightful granddaughters. I set my GPS for the drive from their home in Grand Rapids, Michigan to Ft. Wayne, Indiana for a week of speaking and consulting engagements in the Midwest.

The drive to Ft. Wayne included a long stretch of backroads and single lane highways that caused me to question whether that “nice” voice on the GPS really knew where “we” were going.

However, despite my trepidation I decided to trust the GPS. That trust was rewarded because as I continued to drive through those backroads signs appeared pointing the pathway to Ft. Wayne.

“Trusting In God”

Clearly we have our ups and downs in our lives including various times when we seem lost without a view of where we are going. In those various seasons we hear the cliché from well-meaning people “you just have to trust God”.

But, when you are the one in the middle of a crisis, the phase “trusting in God” seems to ring hollow.

For me many times in my life I allowed the phase to go into the heap of all of those nice things that people say. Like, “I will call you” “I am thinking about you”, I will pray for you.

Yet how many people follow up on those promise especially the one to pray. Therefore, for many years the phase trusting God was a term that I had no “trust” in.

Trusting the GPS : Trusting the Lord

Let’s use my experience with the GPS as a guide for trusting in God. When I set the device to get me somewhere I decide to give up control and surrender all decisions to the GPS.

I have the confidence that no matter how lost I may think I am. The GPS knows best, the GPS will make things clear, the GPS will not fail me and I will arrive at my destination.

Yes trusting God is like trusting the GPS.

We must have the faith to believe that God loves you, that God is good, that God will direct our lives in a way that we get to the destination that He wants us to go. Despite the distance and sometimes rocky roads we must travel to get there.

Jeremiah 29:11 puts it best” “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Trusting the Lord to be our GPS

Trusting the Lord, is the first step in that leap of faith that will make God the GPS of our lives. In tomorrow’s post I will explore this concept in greater detail with scripture and more ways for us to give up the control necessary to make God the GPS of our lives.

In the meantime drive safely, keep praying and place your trust in God