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Class of 2015 : If You Love God – You Must Embrace Change

Last weekend I was honored to deliver the commencement Address to graduating class of The Wilson Christian Academy.  On this blog space I am pleased to share a portion of my remarks.

Giving graduation speeches is a joy and a honor, if you are looking for a commencement or other keynote speech please consider me.  Email me marben@marbenbland.com or call 608 358 1309 to kick off the discussion

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My brief remarks today are about the challenges that we face in life and the changes that God makes in us to help us meet those challenges.

The title of this teaching sums up the one piece of advice.

That I want to give to you, the class of 2015

And that advice is:

If you love God – You Must Embrace Change 

Change is evident all over the Bible:

In Genesis – God changed the nothing into everything by creating the earth, creating man and creating woman.

—Then man changes everything by messing it up.

In Exodus – God changed the reprobate mind of the Pharaoh.

— And then demonstrates His mighty power by parting the sea as He releases His people from slavery in Egypt.

In the Gospels: Matthew, Luke, Mark and John:  God changes the very nature of His relationship with us by sending His only son Jesus to give us salvation.

Then, God changes death itself as Jesus arose from the grave with all power.

Making it possible for all of us to have everlasting life.

Therefore Class of 2015

Change is intrusive

Change is inevitable

Change is inescapable

In fact you the Class of 2015 are… the change.

This entire ceremony is designed to celebrate the change that is happing in you.

The completion of one phase of your lives and the dawn of another.

–Class of 2015 if you did not like the change that happened to you this year; like I did not like the change that happened to me 40 years ago when I was in high school…

You haven’t seen anything yet. —

Or Bruno Mars says it the song Uptown Funk – “Don’t believe me just watch.”

Class of 2015 Just Watch the changes as some of you go off to college.

Class of 2015 – Just Watch the changes as you find a job, get married, and have children of your own.

Class of 2015 – Just Watch the changes as some of you join our armed forces and go marching off to war.

Don’t Believe — Say it with me Just Watch!!!

However, no matter the challenge, no matter the change, God will be with you.

As Jesus promised in Matthew 28:20 “I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.”

Class of 2015 Let me stop at this point and suggest 3 things form scripture about Loving God and Embracing the change that He has before us.

Click here to read the full text of my speech.