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Unlocking The Power Of Email Marketing

Many businesses, churches and civic groups who use social media often overlook the capability and power of email marketing.

Unlike your webpage or even the most popular social media sites like Facebook, email marketing reaches customers where they spend a lot of time each day — their inbox.

E-mail marketing tools like Constant Contact provides a direct cost effective communication pipeline to your customers.


The advantages of email marketing over more traditional social media sites include:

  • Complete Brand Control Email marketing tools gives you complete brand control; with a choice of mobile friendly templates and customized communication solutions.
  • Automated Personalized Emails Wish your customers, clients, and worshipers a happy birthday. Greet them with a warm welcome when they join an email list; or deliver valuable information in the form of newsletters that can include videos, pictures or blogs to interested leads with a customized, automated email.  The time to be delivered is at your command.
  • Administration and Real Time Reporting Email marketing allows management and tracking of your messages from one easy-to-use dashboard.

 Become a social media marketing superstar!

Email marketing has been a successful part of my social media strategy.  Driving more views to my website, while enhancing the activities I do on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Books

Marketing with Social Media is a group of 5 essential resource guides in 1 great collection that have proven invaluable to my social media efforts.

My friends at Fred Pryor Seminars are offering all 5 Marketing with Social Media books:

SocialMediaMarketingImageSocial Media Marketing: An Hour a Day helps readers create a comprehensive strategy and teaches social media marketing best practices as readers launch, measure, and tweak the strategy. It covers everything from how to pitch the initiative internally to how to best use the available distribution and measurement tools.


TwitterMarketingTwitter Marketing: An Hour a Day features practical advice and step-by-step instruction for crafting a plan, attracting and engaging followers, leveraging contests and other promotional vehicles, and monitoring and measuring efforts.

Pinterest MarketingPinterest Marketing: An Hour a Day: Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media platform, with more than 80 percent of its users women between the ages of 25 and 54. Learn to reach this desirable market by following the advice in this step-by-step, task-based guide! It explains Pinterest’s unique appeal and fundamentals, then shows how to develop a strategic marketing plan, set up an account, curate winning content, find followers and track and monitor Pinterest traffic. The popular “An Hour A Day” format uses a detailed how-to approach with case studies, tips, interviews and more.

  Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day: Plan and launch a successful Facebook marketing FacebookMarketingcampaign by learning how to leverage everything Facebook has to offer, including great tools to help you measure and analyze to find out what’s working. Get the very most out of fan pages, Facebook Connect, Facebook’s advertising platform, and more.

YouTubeMarketing YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day is a program that helps readers craft a comprehensive video marketing strategy, use core video optimization and keyword techniques, produce content that looks professional and is compelling enough for readers to share, and successfully leverage all of YouTube’s deep features, exploring everything from optimizing channels and video pages to using YouTube’s analytics tools.

 Order all 5 Books a $300.00 value for only $116.95.

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I hope you will use these great resources to unlock the power of email and social media marketing.


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