Social Media Lessons From The Masters Golf Tournament

“A Traditional Unlike Any Other” is the tagline used to describe the Masters Golf Tournament.  Tradition abounds at The Augusta National, home of the Masters since the tournament began in 1934.   Some of the many traditions of Augusta include:

The Green Jacket – Since 1949 a green jacket has been awarded to the champion, who must return it to the clubhouse one year after his victory.

The Champions Dinner – Inaugurated in 1952 the dinner held on the Tuesday before each tournament, and is open only to past champions (attired in the Green Jacket) and certain board members of the Augusta National Golf Club.

The Pimento Cheese Sandwich – Still only $1.50 part of the cheapest concession prices in sports.

Tradition abounds at the Masters including a ban on cell phones and cameras by patrons (Note another tradition people attending the Masters are called patrons not fans.)  However, when it comes to social media the folks who run the tradition bound tournament have another tagline: “Tradition be dammed”

Those “old fogies” have taught us a valuable lesson protect the traditions but embrace the social media.   Just look at the leading edge social media things brought to you by the Masters.

Twitter – The Masters Twitter feed provides real time scoring updates and links to exclusive video content.

Facebook – The Masters Facebook page designed for “online patrons” to interact with officials on the course.

Instagram – The Augusta National Golf Course is famed for its views. The Masters Instagram account is the perfect platform for distribution of official pictures from the hollowed grounds.

Masters.Com – Is the hub for entire suite of social media activity for the tournament. Housing exclusive live streams, vintage video, blogs and behind the ropes access.

The board of directors of the Masters has proven that “A Traditional Unlike Any Other” is great for a golf tournament but for a billion dollar business social media is a tradition that cannot be disregarded.

What social media “traditions” are holding your business back?

@2015 Marben Bland