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The Original American Sin


America awoke this morning in shock.

  • Shocked at the assassination of 5 police officers in Dallas.
  • Shocked at the murders of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights.
  • Shocked at the fact that these killings; were streamed directly into our cell phones.

The question is why is this happening?

Is it because of a breakdown in law enforcement?

Is it because we live in a violent society; where the gun is the ultimate expression of our fear, rage and insecurity?

Or, could it be because America has failed to deal with its Original Sin?

  • The enslavement of the African.
  • The legal segregation of the freed slave.
  • The continued discrimination of our African-American citizens.

My prayer is that we go beyond the talking points of political gamesmanship, and outright denial to truly understand that the majority of the social, economic and political problems of The United States of America stems from America’s Original Sin.

God has commanded us to love our neighbors. Consequently, White lives matter, Black lives matter, Hispanic lives matter and Police Officers lives matter, yes all lives matter.

God has commanded and we should acknowledge that all lives matter, and the time has long passed that we should behave that way.

America’s Original Sin, like all the sin in our lives must be exposed and rooted out.  However, we will not defeat this sin without the leadership of the Lord.

Therefore, as we pray for the families of the dead in Dallas, Baton Rouge and Falcon Heights, let us pray for calm and peaceful protests.

And let us pray for God’s grace, mercy and leadership as we deal with America’s Original Sin.