Restarting Your Job Search After The Holidays

Welcome to Monday, January 4, 2016, the first “true” working day of the year.  This is also the day that you have designated to restart your job search after “taking” the holidays off.

Now that the days of holiday cheer have ended here are some tips to get you back into the job search mode.

1.Review your job search strategy

Finding a job is not a happenstance it takes focus work and a dedicated strategy to find the right opportunity.  Some things to consider are you strategize:

  • What kind of job are you looking for?
  • Have you made a list of target companies?
  • Have you compiled a list of the people you know within those target companies

2. Refresh your resume

Think of your resume as the single most important marketing document for your job search campaign.  Now that you have been off the job search trail for a while take a moment to consider these refreshments to your resume:

  • Consider adding a skills summary – outlining what abilities you bring to the table
  • Does your keywords match the current requirements for the jobs you are looking for?
  • Have you listed with measurable metrics the key achievements of your previous jobs?

3. Revise your social media strategy

Social media is now a major driver in any job search effort.  As you restart your job search consider the following:

  • Refresh your LinkedIn profile
  • Retake your LinkedIn profile picture
  • Reuse content and produce new original blog content for LinkedIn Publisher

4. Reengage your contacts

Research from indicates that 80% of all jobs are acquired via networking.  Having a vibrant network is key to finding the right opportunity.   Consider these tips:

  • Tell your contacts that you are looking (If you have done it before – do it again)
  • Attend the January meetings of your professional association
  • Set up informational interviews with perspective employers

You Will Find Work In 2016

The American economy and the job market has picked up.  I am confident that if you prepare and are aggressive you will find work.

However, finding work takes work.  So welcome to January 4, 2016 the first true day of work.

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