My Legacy To God

I can see it in my face; the once smooth youthful look is now lined with experience.

I can feel it in my body; that I once commanded at will but now it is slow to move.

I can understand it in my thought; youthful dreams have given way to hard truths.

I am a man in the winter of his life; while I do not dwell on death, I do think about legacy.

  • The legacy I want to leave my child and grandchildren.
  • The legacy I want to leave my family and friends.
  • The legacy I want to leave the world for the time that I spent on earth.

Everything I have done, however, will mean nothing unless I leave a legacy to God.

  • A legacy of being faithful to His teaching.
  • A legacy of using the talents He has given me for His good.
  • A legacy of making disciples.

For when I am working in His legacy:

  • The look on my face does not matter.
  • My body feels new, active, and ready to move. My mind is creative, nimble and ready to share His goodness, grace and love

Some people may think the winter is a time of coldness, darkness, and hardships; however, God has showed me, a maturing man, the glories of winter and the legacy of the spring. And on the day when my life is over I hope with all my heart that He will greet my legacy as His humble follower, with the words, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

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