My 2015 MLB Predictions

Spring is finally here and with its bloom comes the crack of the bat.  Our national pastime, baseball is back.  Today, marks the first day of a full slate of regular season games and along with it comes my annual predictions; or if you prefer, my “wild ass speculations” about the outcome of the April to October marathon which is Major League Baseball.

If you had a Kanas City – San Francisco World Series at the end of the 2014 season, I will meet you in Vegas ready to place a bet on your 2015 picks!  Now, my annual predictions are presented for “entertainment” purposes only.  Therefore, if you have any notion on using my baseball insights to win a pot of gold, take a gander at my 2014 picks; read them and see how impressively far off I was with my picks.

Now, I proudly present my Baseball Predictions for 2015.

MLB Divisions2

For the first time, I have produced a power ranking of all 30 MLB teams.   If you are a real baseball junkie like me, please take a look at my 2015 Power Rankings.

Baseball is one of the 8 passions of my life, I am so pleased to share this passion with the readers of this blog.


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