It’s Ferguson… Again

12:06 AM EDT Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Now that the grand jury’s decision has been made, the entire world is watching and waiting to see what happens next. While violence is never the correct response, leaders must be smart about how and when they communicate.

Given the upset that everyone knew this decision would generate, I question, why would the authorities announce it at 8:30 PM local time?

The verdicts in the O.J. Simpson, and Travon Martin trials were both announced early in the morning; and there was no after violence in either case. I wonder what would have happened if the leaders in Ferguson had chosen to wait just a few hours to announce the decision in the early morning hours; instead of early evening?

I do not condone violence. However, the time of the announcement, may have actually been the match that lit the flames of violence in Ferguson.

Therefore, the story tomorrow will not be about the grand jury, or the decisions made by the District Attorney, or even the evidence presented. Rather, it will be about the violence.

Violence is wrong; but, tonight’s protests could have been minimized if not avoided.

Protesters and Police – We can be smarter

Protesters and Police – We can be better

Protesters and Police – We can be peaceful

Tonight’s events did not have to happen; timing is crucial and distressed people should not be baited into more anxiety.

Announcing the decision at night was the bait. And that is why it’s Ferguson….Again.


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