Is A Great Leader, Leading You?

Leadership makes the difference in all that we do.  Enterprises from businesses, churches, schools and even families thrive when they are being guided by great leaders.

The world suffers from a lack of great leaders, and we followers can easily tell when we are not being lead greatly.   Here are 5 traits to consider in the quest for great leadership.

  1. Great Leaders Really Do Put People First

Enterprises of all types are quick to say that putting people first is a prime directive.  Here are some behaviors indicative of great leadership:

  • Business: The chief HR person reports directly to the CEO with the same title and status as her other direct reports. Does the company pay more than minimum wage? Do they offer health insurance, 401K, employee development opportunities and other benefits?
  • Churches: In a church of up to 150 members does the pastor know you by name? In a church with over 151 members is there a Deacon or small group leader charged with knowing you and your family?
  • Schools: Is the school proactively reaching out to parents? Have you met all of your children’s teachers?
  • Family: Are you eating dinner together at least 4 days per week?  Are these dinners without electronic devices like televisions and cell phones?
  1. Great Leaders Have A Vision

Leaders who lead greatly have a vision for what should be done now and in the future.  The vison is communicate and is shared, agreed to and lived by everyone.   Here are some behaviors indicative of great leadership:

  • Business: As an employee do you feel that you are doing something meaningful beyond collecting a paycheck? Are there clear job descriptions along with accountability systems to monitor performance?
  • Churches: Do members understand their role in realizing The Great Commission?
  • Schools: Are students encouraged to set and meet educational goals?
  • Family: As parents have you set clear standards for the household?
  1. Great Leaders Are Even Greater Communicators

Ronald Reagan was dubbed as “The Great Communicator.”  The 40th President of the United States earned that title because of his skill at talking persuasively and using folksy anecdotes that ordinary people could understand.   Great leaders are even greater communicators.  Here are some behaviors indicative of great leadership:

  • Business: Are leaders committed to gathering ongoing feedback from all levels of employees via various sources both formal and informal?  Is the state of the business including financials, major decisions and challenges regularly communicated?
  • Church: Is the business of church communicated in a timely, completely and regular fashion? As a member can you recall and explain the sermon topic?
  • Schools: How flexible is the school in communicating with students and parents? Can parents email teachers?
  • Family: Are parents and couples committed to regular, open and honest dialog, creating true trust where any subject can be discussed.
  1. Great Leaders Are Decisive

Being decisive requires making decisions with speed and clarity.  A decisive leader relies on systems and methods to simplify the flow of information required to make the best decision possible.   Here are some behaviors indicative of great leadership:

  • Business: Committed to a constant and consistent free flow of information in all levels of the enterprise. Dedicated to using the performance assessment process to quickly and routinely fire employees for underperformance.
  • Church: Decisive in defense of the core principals of the faith.  
  • Schools: Consistently and decisively enforced rules of student and employee conduct.
  • Family: Parents standing firm in providing consistent rules and norms for the family.
  1. Great Leaders Create A Culture Of Excellence

The culture of a business, church, school or family is a unique identifier. It is composed of things like your products, your strategies your techniques and especially the people.

Culture is a forced multiplier the right culture can propel an enterprise to excellence, the wrong culture can spell doom.

  • Businesses: Embrace active and ongoing feedback, Empower employees by instilling trust and faith in them, Provide timely recognition, Foster innovation, Pay for the performance you seek, Create policies that support the culture you want.
  • Church: Embrace God’s plan for inclusion for all of God’s Children
  • School: Engage all students–not just honor students in powerful learning experiences
  • Family: Get to know your children as people, avoid micromanaging them

 Will You Be My Great Leader?

Are you being led by a great leader?   If not don’t worry great leaders can and are developed all the time.   However, the real point is that while we all are followers we also leaders.

So commit today to becoming a great leader because your workplace, place of worship, school and family need all the things your great leadership can offer.



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