In Memorial 3,717 Days

American Flag

Since the United States invasion of Bagdad on March 20, 2003, our nation has been at war for 3,717 consecutive days.

3,717 days of our finest men and women in harm’s way 

3,717 days of battles in Iraq and Afghanistan

3,717 days of family separations 

While most of us have known nothing but war for 3,717 days — the vast majority of us know nothing about the war because:

The war is normally not in the news.

The war is normally not discussed by our leaders.

The war is normally not fought by Americans

Less than 1 percent of the U.S. population has served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For the less than 1 percent, the fighting does not stop when they come home as they face major challenges:

Navigating the VA

Seeking mental health care

Trying to find a job

These have become the new battles for nearly 2.5 million veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

So on this Memorial Day, as we take a well-earned rest from work, please take a moment to reflect on:

3,717 consecutive days of war

50,000 wounded troops

5,200 casualties

And on behalf of a grateful 99 percent, our sincere thanks for your service.

This post is in memory of my uncle William Bland who died of wounds suffered in WWII.

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