How to Power Up Your Holiday Job Search


Welcome to the holidays, that joyous time of the year full of family, friends, food, and job searching….yes, job searching. While many people think that job searching is the last thing they should be during over the holidays, the days leading up to the New Year are actually the perfect time to power up your job searching activities. Therefore, my holiday gifts to you are a few suggestions on how you can power up your job search during the most wonderful time of the year.

Gift 1: Have  a Holly Jolley Networking Vacation If you are working and also planning to take a vacation, use the time on vacation to schedule some meetings for networking. If you are not working, you could use the same tactic. The holidays are often a slow time at many companies; therefore, the holiday season is an ideal time to connect with those busy potential hiring managers. Take them to lunch or have a cup of coffee with them to celebrate the holiday season. Then let them know you are in the market for a job.

Gift 2: Deck the Halls with a New Professional Image

Use your holiday downtime to redo these important elements of your professional image:

  • Your Resume – Take the time to have your resume professionally rewritten.
  • Your LinkedIn Profile – Your resume and LinkedIn profile are separate beasts; use the slower time of the holidays to reinvent your profile and online job search strategy.
  • Your Thought Leadership Campaign – I strongly urge my clients to be engaged vigorously in thought leadership by writing blogs and being active in trade groups and professional organizations.  Use your holiday downtime wisely, writing blogs, joining professional groups, and reviewing your network.

Gift 3: Become A Party Animal    

Social events are ideal for letting people know you are in the job market. Be brave and accept all the invitations you receive, both personal and professional. You never know who might be able to help. Friends and family members as well as business acquaintances are typically more than happy to assist, especially while they are in a festive holiday mood.

Gift 4: Spread Holiday Cheer Within Your Network

With 80% of all jobs acquired via networking, your network is a valuable job search tool. Use the holidays as leverage to connect with people in your network in various ways including:

  • Phone Calls – It is amazing how effective and novel a phone call can be in this social media age. In addition, you are likely to reach your intended target during the slower than normal holidays.
  • Greeting Cards – Care enough to send the best by taking the time to send a holiday card to select people in your network.
  • Online Greetings – My annual holiday update greeting is a big hit with my network. Send an email blast to your network, updating family accomplishments and announcing your job search.  

The Bottom Line: The Job Search Never Takes A Holiday 

Gifts2While the job search never takes a holiday, it does not mean that you cannot. Please take advantage of this season to relax and enjoy family and friends, but by all means, keep moving with your job search.  By keeping the power up you will be able to get one of the best . t holiday gifts of all…a shiny new job.

Let’s Get To Work!!!

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