How To Lead Like An Alpha Dog

In the animal kingdom the Alpha Dog set the rules and boundaries for the rest of the pack. The Alpha Dog doles out correction to members of the pack when rules are broken.

There are Alpha Dogs in the business world as well. They develop the strategy. They set the tone; and they direct the activities of the other members of the pack.

I understand Alpha Dogs. I am honored to say I have seen some of the best Alpha Dogs in operation; up close in the military, the faith community and in business. I understand Alpha Dogs; because I happen to be one.

As a self-acknowledged Alpha Dog, I know that there is a delicate balance between the good we can do as leaders; and the bad things our dominate attitude can bring as leaders to the pack.

Clearly there are bad Alpha Dogs; however, in this post let’s take a moment to focus on the higher qualities and thinking of great Alpha Dogs.

Therefore if you are an Alpha Dog or being led by one here are some things to consider:

  1.  Know that there are other Alpha Dogs out there

Top dogs must be acutely aware that there are others out there who have equal or perhaps greater status; and they should learn how to work with them. Alpha Dogs who can make things happen with their fellow top dogs have developed a skill that isn’t easily shared by most Alphas. However, when they can join and lead as a team it is beneficial to all in the group.

  1. Protect the non-Alpha Dogs

An Alpha Dog is only as good as the others in the pack. For many times they are the one doing most of the hard work. Therefore, Alpha Dogs are not only the leader; but are the protectors and promoters of the pack.

Empower, share the credit and demand accountability; but, take the heat when needed. Remember, your duty as the Alpha Dog is to preserve, serve and defend the pack.

  1. Understand the sound of your bark and the effects of your bite

Leaders must know the power that they bring to the position. The things that they do and the things that they say have an impact.

Alpha Dogs should not be afraid to use their bark and bite to praise, cajole, motivate and move the pack to action. However, the Alpha Dogs must be strategic with their words and careful with their actions. For regardless of what they do, the pack will be watching; and even more importantly, they will react to the bark and the bite.

  1. Never forget the days when you were not the Alpha Dog

Alpha Dogs may not have started at the top; and the memories of those days of apprenticeship should not be forgotten. Remember to respect the role of leadership; because it is a level and role of honor. Yes, you are the leader; but, not necessarily the smartest, the fastest or the best in the pack. But you are the leader; and this is your pack. So, set the goals, communicate the expectations, understand the capabilities and lead the pack.

  1. Realize that every Alpha Dog will have its day

You will not and should lead the pack forever. Your time as leader is limited. So, use it wisely. Be a fearless listener. Be bold in the execution of your duties; even when the tasks seem mundane. Remember to be endless in your service to the pack. However, know that your time as Alpha Dog will end; therefore one of your most important service to the pack will be to find, develop and coach a diverse number of dogs to take over as the Alpha Dog.

We are all Alpha Dogs

Great Alpha Dogs are needed to lead our military, businesses, churches and nation. Moreover, we need to develop the inner Alpha Dog within us to meet the greatest leadership challenge of all; that is, leading ourselves.

©Copyright 2015 Marben Bland

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