Finding Comfort In The Uncomfortable

I spend a lot of time traveling in the friendly skies, riding in small spaces; which are not designed for a large man like me. These crammed and confining conditions are symbolic of our lives when difficulty, despair and depression rule.

However, it is in our most uncomfortable state when we can find the comfort; which gives us the strength to endure the hardships, the heated and the hell of the uncomfortable conditions of our lives.

Here are three things to consider in finding that will help you find comfort in the uncomfortable:

  1. View every uncomfortable situation as an opportunity for growth.

As a high school freshman growing up in the Jim Crow south, I attended a debate camp at Emory University. During registration, I observed that I was the only African-American at the camp. Concerned, I asked my parents to take me home. My father refused; he said “Son in the world of business that you are trying to get into; there will be many times in which you will be the only black person in the room. This camp is the time to get comfortable with it.”  My father was right the two week debate camp was a wonderful experience, the other debaters were delightful and out of my initial discomfort I found the comfort of lifelong friends.

  1. Find your comfort zone within the uncomfortable

In the summer of 1921, thirty-nine year old Franklin Roosevelt contracted polio; rendering this robust man totally and permanently paralyzed from the waist down.   Faced with the uncomfortable realities of his new life, Roosevelt found his comfort zone within the uncomfortable. He did not let his condition paralyze his ambition. He learned to walk and stand again; by using leg braces and developing more upper body strength. Roosevelt entered politics and was elected President of the United States for an unprecedented four terms; leading America out of the Great Depression and to victory in World War II.

  1. Never accept the uncomfortable as life’s permanent state

“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”-Psalm 30:5

It is inevitable at some point in our lives that pain, suffering, and discomfort will come to us all.   However, the key will be how we deal with it. Will we let the uncomfortable overwhelm us? Will we allow the uncomfortable to render us useless to our family, friends, and society? Or will we find the comfortable in the uncomfortable.

My faith in Christ gives me the strength, the courage and the intelligence to know that I will never accept the uncomfortable as my life’s permanent state.   Regardless of the adversity, “We Shall Overcome”; because the word of God says “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Philippians 4:13.

If we believe, we will always find  comfort in the uncomfortable.

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Marben Bland is a born again Christian who practices his faith as a business strategist, professional speaker and writer.


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