Delivering 21st Century Customer Service

Delivering Customer Service in the 21st century is far more than the belief that the customer is always right. It is more than thinking that the customer is king; or that the customer must be delighted at the end of the exchange. Those concepts have become so engrained that they are now considered the daily minimum requirement for customer service.

Rather, delivering 21st century customer service is about being a part of what Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos calls “The Customers World”. Under Bezos direction Amazon has become the number one retailer by understanding the absolute need for his company to be intimately involved with that world.

Customer Service is no longer an “Us versus Them” proposition. In essence the customer and the provider of the customer service in the 21st century share the same ecosystem. As Bezos reminds us they share many of the same expectations, the same needs, and the same bottom line outcomes.

Companies that realize that customer service is far more than answering a question, taking a payment or solving a problem understand the advantages of seeing the world not apart from the customer; but, the as the same world.

In my travels during the last 3 years I have been able to see large companies like Amazon, small companies like Fenton Printing; and non-profits like Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and medical practices like the Bland Clinic develop the courage to breakthrough the outdated view of customer service. “The Customer World” is a brave new merged world incorporating the interests of both parties; creating a level of service in line with the demand of the most interconnect age since Adam and Eve, the 21st century.

The 4 Knows

While different in tone and emphasis every company that has adopted the “The Customer World” view had four things in common that guided their interpretation of “The Customer World”. Overtime, I stated to refer to these elements as the “4 Knows” of which countless permutations spring, allowing these firms to integrate themselves deeper into the Customer World.

The 4 Knows Of Customer Service

These four simple, yet powerful concepts of knowing your Customers, your Compensation, your Capabilities and knowing the Answer are helping to change the landscape of customer service. These are the pillars of 21st Century Customer service.

4 More 21st Century Customer Service Posts

The next four post in this space will focus on my findings on how 21st Century Customer Service is operating in each of these “4 Knows” as they operate in the Customer World. I hope you will join me in this important exploration and consider how these findings can help transform your business.


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