Coach You Are Fired: How to Survive Getting the Pink Slip

The NFL regular season ended yesterday and the playoffs, the tournament to determine the Super Bowl champion has started. However, before the playoff games kickoff next weekend, another tradition in the NFL has stated. Today is “Black Monday” the day that Head Coaches are fired.

For an NFL Head Coach, being fired is part of the job description. Many of the greatest Head Coaches in NFL history have been fired:

  • Mike Ditka, was fired three years after winning a Super Bowl with the Chicago Bears.
  • Tom Landry, the legendary coach and winner of three Super Bowls was fired by the Dallas Cowboys.
  • And before he became a “genus” winning three Super Bowl championship as the coach of the New England Patriots Bill Belichick, was fired by the Cleveland Brown.

While they are paid well, at least one million per year, four years is the average tenure of an NFL Head Coach.   As the Super Bowl winner hall of fame coach Bill Parcells put it “As a head coach you are hired to be fired.”

Many of you reading this post have either been fired or know someone who has been. I have been fired, it stinks, it hurts, and it’s not an experience that I would recommend.

However, as horrible it may seem the experience of being fired is not the end of the world. I can tell you from personal experience that life can be better on the other side of the firing.

So for those NFL Head Coaches who have been fired today, and those of us less celebrated workers who have been fired or will be fired at some point during our career. Here are five tips, coping skills and attitudes that can help you come out of the other side of the firing as a winner.

  1. Have A Pity Party and Then Get Over It

Regardless of the situation getting fired is an emotional event. You need time to process what has happened. Ultimately, you will need to throw yourself a pity party. Then, regroup and get over it. Your anger, disbelief, sadness and other emotions will hinder any job search. Your ability to get over what happened will determine what will happen to you in the future.   So get over it and move on!

  1. Create A Game Plan For What Is Next

Now is not the time to wing it. Having a clear vision of what’s next is the only clear way to have something positive happen to you next. If the severance package from your dismissal includes outplacement, use it. Don’t forget to include financial planning as part of your game plan.

  1. Tell Everyone About Your Current Status

One of the most difficult parts about being fired is telling people that you have been let go. Well guess what? You don’t have to tell them. Now, I am not suggesting that you lie. However, my advice is to tell people in your network that you are no longer with your current employer and are now looking for work. The reason why you left is immaterial. However, what is important is that your network knows that you are in the market and ready to go back to work.

  1. Update Everything

Quickly update your LinkedIn profile and all other profiles with your new status. This is the perfect time to employ your strategy as describing yourself as a professional looking for a job. Naturally, these updates include your resume.

  1. Seek Help

Yes, finding a job can be a lonely existence. But, you can’t find a job alone. This is not a time for pride. Seek out help from your current network and take steps to expand your network. Seek out professional job search groups and clubs. They can be a wonderful source of assistance, solace, and information.

If you don’t have outplacement or are not pleased with what you currently have I would welcome the opportunity to work with you. I have helped many folks who are looking for work find what is next in their lives. Give me a call at (608) 358-1309 or drop me a line, my email address is

Black Monday Is Not The End

Monday will not be a good day for several NFL Head Coaches and the assistance coaches that will be fired today.

However, with the right attitude and strategy, Black Monday can turn into gold. Over 90% of dismissed NFL Head Coaches find a new job within six months.   I am confident that you will as well because despite being fired you are a champion!!!

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