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5 Great Reasons Why I Blog on LinkedIn And 1 Reason Why You Should Also

Today as I celebrate my 100 post on LinkedIn.  I wanted to use my 219th post on my WordPress site to share with you five great reasons why I started and will continue to present my original content on LinkedIn along with one reason why you should as well.

  1. Terrestrial Exposure

LinkedIn, is the world’s biggest professional social network with over 300 million users around the globe.   According to group Digital Marketing Strategies the average LinkedIn user spends 17 minutes per month on the site with more and more of that time spent reading content.

  1. The LinkedIn Pulse Apt

Nestled in the sweet spot between blogging and a social network LinkedIn Pulse is an award-winning application that makes it easy to consume business news on mobile phones and tablets.

With Pulse your content can be targeted at a market and people of your choosing.  Pulse sends all of your followers and contacts a notification alert on their mobile devices whenever you create new content.

So now those unscripted moments when your contacts and followers are commenting to work on a bus or in the minutes before the start of a meeting or even while waiting in the Starbucks line they can interact with your ideas delivered to them conveniently by Pulse on their friendly mobile device.

  1. Your Posts Will Open Doors

Michael Sherman of Big Couch Media Group in his LinkedIn Post LinkedIn Publishing Could Be Your Golden Ticket For Exposure writes about Kathy Caprino, a career coach and leadership trainer, wrote the second-most-viewed LinkedIn post of all time (including Influencer posts), which has nearly three million views to date.

Sherman reports after that June 2014 post went viral, Caprino told LinkedIn that it “opened doors for new projects, consulting gigs, speaking engagements, and radio and TV interviews.”

Yes it is true that none of my posts have gone viral however, several blogs have reached nearly 10,000 people.   While that reach is not typical what I can say is that my posts have resulted a net 30%-40% jump in views to my profile every time that I post.

And like Kathy Caprino those profile views have led to increased opportunities.  Look at it this way; your profile is in competition with millions of others profiles for attention. Your posts will bring attention to your profile and that is what networking on LinkedIn is all about.

  1. Let LinkedIn Promote Your Content

LinkedIn is a viable and less rigid alternative to more traditional blogging platforms, such as WordPress, according to Brian Meert, CEO of digital agency AdvertiseMint.. “The biggest benefit [is] that you don’t have to do as much of the promotion legwork required with something that’s independent from your existing social network profiles.

Meert goes on to say that LinkedIn Pulse gives publishers a wide potential audience, because it allows for specialized targeting.

  1. Publishing on LinkedIn Is Free

While it is true that Facebook has a tremendous reach. Its new algorithm make it nearly impossible to reach a ton of people without ponying up big bucks to Facebook for promotion.

Currently LinkedIn does not charge for posting or the promotion of your content on Pulse. However, as we all know things change quickly with LinkedIn often without notice.  Therefore, I would suggest that you start posting now on LinkedIn while the posting, and more importantly the promotion is still free.

The One Reason Why You Should Be Posting on LinkedIn

Because the people and companies that you are competing with for sales, opportunities, and jobs are posting and getting the valuable exposure by showcasing their expertise.

Ready, Set, Start Posting

Perfection is the biggest roadblock for many in the posting of content.

The legendary World War II General George S. Patton perhaps said it best.

A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.

So forget about perfection – just start producing the best content you can and get it out for the world to see you will be amazed by what the simple act of sharing your thoughts can do.

P.S. Find something that you love to do.  And for the rest of your life do it as often as you can.







3 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your LinkedIn Profile

Oh yes!  Those lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer.  The perfect time for a back yard cookout, a great vacation and upgrading your LinkedIn profile?

That’s right!  Now is the perfect time to upgrade your LinkedIn profile.  Not certain that you need an upgrade?  These 3 simple questions are designed to provide some guidance for you.

  1. Have you made any changes to your profile in the last six weeks?
  2. Are you in a job search, either active or passive?
  3. Would you like to reach more clients, share more information or get more out of your LinkedIn experience?

If the answers to these questions have led you to believing that a LinkedIn profile upgrade in your future. This post will get you started with 3 easy steps that you can take today.

1. Upgrade Your Profile Picture

A study conducted by job search website “The Ladders” found that recruiters spent more time examining a LinkedIn user’s picture than their qualifications.

Be ready for this examination by upgrading your profile picture.  Your profile picture is a real big deal.  So, take it seriously by upgrading with a photo taken by a professional photographer.

Find out how to get the most out of your photographic upgrade by reading my blog 3 Ways To Transform Your LinkedIn Picture From Crappy to Fabulous

2. Upgrade Your Recommendations

With all the changes over the years, LinkedIn recommendations have become a bit over looked. However, there have never been a more powerful way to increase your profile views while putting more punch in job summaries.

Recruiters report that they use recommendations to search out new candidates.  Picture this, a recruiter is looking at another profile and they see a recommendation that you wrote for them.  They become intrigued and look up your profile.  Sounds unbelievable; but, true recommendations are the two way gift that keeps giving.

This summer, I have set a profile upgrade goal of getting 5 new recommendations. How can it be done?  Simple, the best way to get recommendations is to make recommendations.

Susan Adams, career and corporate social responsibility writer at Forbs.Com has written a great post to get you started with all things recommendations. Everything You Need To Know About LinkedIn Recommendations

3. Update Your Content

 With the publisher and pulse platforms LinkedIn has morphed into a content monster with a staggering 75% of its views generated via content viewing.

The upgrade opportunity for you is to generate increase profile visibility by writing or sharing content.  This is my 99th post on LinkedIn publisher.  Each post typically nets a 25-35% increase in my profile views.

Start writing posts.  You will be amazed what it will do for your status within the 300 million strong LinkedIn community.   If you are not a writer, share and like posts. This activity will also produce dividends.  Start right now by liking, sharing and commenting about this post.  I would be grateful for your support.

Enjoy Your Summer Upgrades

An effective presence on LinkedIn is a must for today’s active professional.  I leave you with some posts that will be helpful with your upgrade efforts.

5 Easy Ways To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Standout  

5 Ways To Power-Up Your Networking in 2015

7 Ways To Make LinkedIn Find You A Job


 Marben Bland is a LinkedIn Ninja, who coaches business and individuals on how to use LinkedIn more effectively. 

How To Get Noticed On LinkedIn

Whatever you are doing: finding a new job, obtaining professional information, or becoming a thought leader, networking is the most effective means of getting what you want.

Visibility is the key


Keith Ferrazz, master networker and author of the book Never Eat Alone emphases that 90% of networking is just being visible. “People can’t network with you if they can’t see you.”

With over 200 million users LinkedIn is the biggest and best site for networking on the planet.   Your LinkedIn profile is the gateway to people, contacts, and connections that will make your goals a reality. So, the question is how do I go about becoming the most attractive needle in the LinkedIn haystack?

3 Ways to Get Notice

Baby Walking Up Stairs

1. Update your Summary

The Summary is one of the most neglected sections of your LinkedIn profile. Fill your profile with keywords that recruiters, customers, suppliers will use to search and find your profile. My recent summary changed from a narrative to a list of key words netted at a 30% increase in profile views. More views translate into more opportunities to network. Sharpen your haystack needle with a revised summary.

2. Become Active within a LinkedIn Group

Church Leaders2A needle that stands out in the LinkedIn haystack is committed to consistently adding value; while engaging your peers’ informative conversations. Becoming active in a LinkedIn Groups can dramatically improve your networking.   However, you need a strategy for engaging you needle in the LinkedIn groups’ haystack.

Stephanie Sammons, the Founder and CEO of Wired Advisor, where she teaches financial advisors and business professionals how to build digital influence to win clients, recommends these needle noticing strategies

  • Pick Your LinkedIn Group Wisely


Stephanie urges her clients to join LinkedIn groups up to the 50 group limit. Within the 50 groups, you should really focus on 3-5 groups that will be the home for most of your networking activity. Then adopt the networking principle of “going small” to maximize your visibility by ensuring your top groups are small, a few hundred members; but, no more than a few thousand.

  • Target the Most Popular Discussions in Each Group


The most “popular” discussions within a group generally get the most visibility. These are the topics where members are most actively engaged and they feature discussions that you will want to weigh in on. The most popular discussions are at the top of the group discussion page, and typically, there will be quite a few comments associated with them for you to review and learn from.

Stephanie urges you to weigh in on popular discussions, respond to existing comments, provide an insight or opinion or even ask a thought-provoking question to generate additional comments. You can also “Like” and “Share” these discussions with your connections. The purpose of the strategy: Your valuable comments will lead group members to your profile, growing your status as a Thought Leader and a go to person.

  • Start Your Own Discussion

Starting your own discussion thread is also a powerful tool within a group; but, you must be strategic with this. Stephanie recommends that you wait to start your own discussion until after you’ve spent some time participating in the top discussions first.

3. Blog using the LinkedIn Publisher tool

Social Media GlobeContent is king on LinkedIn and the Linked Publisher tool is game changer. The new LinkedIn publisher tool allows members to contribute professional insights by publishing long-form posts on LinkedIn. Each post will show up on the home page of your connections; ready to be liked, commented and shared with potentially millions. Those of you who follow me have seen a dramatic increase in my LinkedIn published posts. You can use previous posts on this new easy to use platform to build an inventory of thought leadership information that will lead people to your profile. P.S. Since I am committed to using posting on the LinkedIn publisher tool on a regular basis simply liking and sharing my posts will increase your visibility.

Final Thoughts

Black&White Handshake

LinkedIn is different from a job board where you post a resume and then wait for something to happen. Visibility on LinkedIn is under your control and is based on content and influence.   Content that you can produce, supply and curate will grow your influence on LinkedIn; which will produce more views of your profile.   Content, influence and strategy will make you the most attractive needle in the LinkedIn haystack.

Becoming A LinkedIn Ninja │ Your Professional Headline

The headline of a LinkedIn profile is your online calling card telling the world at least 3 things about you:

  • Who You Are
  • What You Have to Offer
  • What You Are After

Marben Profile






Along with your profile picture, your professional headline is the single most important part of the LinkedIn profile.  It is your headline that shows up when your name is found in search engines searches.  It is your headline that is in the most visible places on your profile and is showcased in all the actions you do on LinkedIn.  And it is your headline that recruiters and others who you would like to influence often remember most from your profile.

Crafting a clear, concise and correct professional headline is vital to the overall success of your efforts on LinkedIn.   It is no easy feat particularly when you have only 120 characters to do it in.

Kristin Johnson, CEO of the career and headhunting firm Profession Direction  has explored the challenges and opportunities of producing a quality LinkedIn headline.  She offers these tips to help you build a headline designed to get you noticed in searchers and to move people to take the actions you would like on your profile.

1. Decide if you want Search Engine Optimized – or a Human-Friendly Headline.

LinkedIn is a dichotomous beast. There is the side that requires specific keywords to play well with LinkedIn’s algorithm, but there’s also the human element. There no clear-cut preference. Some LinkedIn experts recommend focusing solely on the search engine optimization (SEO), since that will make your profile more likely to appear higher in the rankings by LinkedIn’s search engine.  However, the pursuit of SEO rankings could leave your headline unreadable by humans.

Note from Ninja Marben: Writing a headline with a mixture of both SEO and human friendly words is the option used by most LinkedIn Ninjas.

2. Incorporate the job title you are hoping to get hired for next.

Determine what you want to be found for, and emphasize those terms. Your headline should be future-focused, which will allow you to move toward your career goal.
The following headline for a former dentist transitioning into sales shows that he is clearly moving from his previous career and looking for a position in sales:
Kirk Profile 1







Note from Ninja Marben: Ninja’s use this symbol to separate terms in your headline. To use the symbol and other separators compose your headline in MS Word then copy and paste in the headline space in LinkedIn

3. Use metrics when you can.

Numbers catch the eye and give the reader an accurate picture of your contributions at work. Example:
Susan Hall Profile2




Professional Headline Tips for Job Seekers

1. If you are looking while unemployed, touch on that lightly in your headline. (But, only if you want to!)

There’s no rule that you MUST state you are seeking your next gig if you are unemployed. If you’re not comfortable with that, don’t.
seeking job





Just know that many career experts feel that in the current job market, advertising that you are looking doesn’t carry much of a stigma… IF you do it tactfully.
Looking at the example above, the simple mention of “Seeking:…” states the point succinctly. A headline of “Unemployed and looking” might as well say “Twiddling my thumbs.” Don’t make it the sole focus of your headline or waste too many precious characters on it. Touch on it, and then move on to emphasizing brand elements or keywords that will help you to be found.

Note from Ninja Marben: Consider including your company’s name. If
talent from your company is highly sought-after by recruiters, you may want to
include your company’s name in your headline. You’ll improve your chances of
being found by a headhunter who is conducting a search with your company name.

Kelly Walter Profile4






2. Include different words that mean the same thing.

Outstanding Bio Tech Sales Representative/Account Manager │With a deep & active 12K customer database

The example contains both “Sales Representative” and “Account Manager.” The same job can have a different title at different companies and recruiters may search for either. It may seem repetitive, but it will appease the SEO gods.

Note from Ninja Marben: Use a Testimonial. Are you known for something special? Include it in your headline for an extra punch.
Ralph Kine Profile5





3. Answer the “What’s in it for Me” question.

The person reading your profile will want to know “What’s in it for me?” Use your headline to clearly show how your expertise will  benefit a potential employer.

Formal Head of  Surgery for Mass General │ Board Chairman for General Biotech │President of the New England Chapter of the American Medical Association

The headline above draws attention to the job seeker’s experience as a former medical professional, offering knowledge, skills, and connections useful in the medical, and biotech fields.

Note from Ninja Marben: Don’t waste space with overused buzzwords. Before you include a word in your headline, ask yourself whether it will hold meaning for the reader. In my next LinkedIn Ninja post I will explore the use of power words in your profile. 

4. Include Contact Information in Your Headline

What is the use of writing a great headline if the headhunter has to do anther search to find your contact information?  Headhunters are all about speed and efficiency, help them by providing an accurate means to connect with you via email, website or by phone.   Worried about privacy?  Set up a Google Voice account for your business or job search, tying all of your phones to one number that you can make public while keeping your personal numbers private.  Google can provide similar solutions to keep your email and websites private.

Mark Miller





The Bottom Line: Headline T.L.C.    

Teddy BearYour professional headline is critical to your success on LinkedIn; give it the tender loving care it deserves.  Revise your headline regularly to reflect changes in your procession or to promote something you want your contacts and the world to know about.




NinjaMarben Bland is The LinkedIn Ninja; He works with business, job seekers and others on tactics to master the power of LinkedIn.  Comment to Marben about this blog post and other matters via email 

Becoming a LinkedIn Ninja│ Your Profile Picture

Becoming A LinkedIn Ninja│ Your Profile Picture

Internet Logo Let’s face it.  In this interconnected, online 24/7 world, the notion of personal anonymity is a thing of the past. Even if we are not on social media, we are still likely to show up in a web search because of some other person’s actions.


Girl with ToungRecently, I tested this theory when I did a web search on two noncombatants in the of the social media war–my granddaughters ages 3 and 8 months.  Despite not having any social media trappings, both were easily found in birth announcements, on family members Facebook pages, online photo albums, and other webpages.

Managed Anonymity

So, now that the notion of personal anonymity has been shattered, we can still have great control over our online presence by managing our anonymity. 

Simply put, managed anonymity allows us to put our best foot forward in the social media and online world by creating content that we control.  This includes the things we want others to know about us, while excluding those things we don’t want the world to know.

 Picture Perfect

Your LinkedIn profile picture is an integral part of managing your anonymity.  Donna Serdula, author of the book, LinkedIn Makeover says, “Your LinkedIn profile picture is how the world sees you.”  As the business profile of record, your LinkedIn profile and picture has the potential to be seen by over 200 million LinkedIn users and millions more non LinkedIn users.  Why?  The powerful search engine optimization (SEO) tools used by LinkedIn, typically makes your profile the first thing in the stack of information found about you in a web search.  Recruiters, customers, and other interested parties usually look at the items on the top of the stack first. Talk about opportunities to manage your anonymity!

Picture This

Marben ProfileResearch from the career and job advice website Careerealism reveals LinkedIn profiles with photos receive 50-70% more inquires than profiles without a photo.   Want to effectively manage your anonymity and the ability to use LinkedIn to accomplish your goals?  Then don’t make these profile picture mistakes:

  •  Don’t crop your picture from group photo
  • Don’t use a picture taken with a cell phone
  • Don’t post your picture without being professionally dressed.

Last year, LinkedIn began rolling out changes to the profile page; one immediately LinkedIn Logonoticeable change is that the profile photo is now larger and more prominent. Like it or not, LinkedIn is putting more emphasis on the way a person looks. Now it is time to take an objective look at your photo and ask yourself if it is conveying the right message for your career.  How effective is your current profile picture in managing your anonymity? 

Washington, DC based career coach, Norine Dagliano, has contributed these tips for creating an effective LinkedIn profile picture:

1. Don’t use an old photo. There are few things worse than meeting someone for the first time and not recognizing them because the profile photo is from 10 years ago (or longer)!

2. Smile! Your face should radiate warmth and approachability.

3. Photos should be professionally done.   If possible, please no glamour shots.

For these next tips, I talked to Mel Bland, an Austin, TX based professional photographer, and my brother, for his insights on an effective LinkedIn profile photo.

4. Men: Wear a dark blue or black dress shirt.  (Save those funky T-shirts, Hawaiian shirts, or busy/crazy patterns for Facebook.)

5. Women: Wear something you feel comfortable in–soft, dark V-necks look great. Black always works; however avoid white.

6. LinkedIn pictures upload and look best when they are 200 x 200 high resolution pixels.

The Bottom Line: Manage Your Anonymity–Get the picture right.

CouplesOn their first night together, the newlywed couple goes to change. The new bride comes out of the bathroom, all showered and wearing her beautiful robe. The proud husband says, “Dear, we are married now, you can open your robe.” The beautiful young woman opens her robe, and he is astonished. “Oh, oh, aaaahhh!” he exclaims, “My God, you are so beautiful.  Let me take your picture!”  Puzzled she asks, “My picture?” He answers, “Yes my dear, so I can carry your beauty next to my heart forever.”She smiles and he takes her picture, and then he heads into the bathroom to shower. He comes out wearing his robe and the new wife asks, “Why do you wear a robe? We are married now.” At that, the man opens his robe and she exclaims, “Oh, OH, OH MY, let me get a picture.” He beams and asks, “Why?” She answers, “So I can get it enlarged!”

NinjaLinkedIn Ninja’s are never questioned about the quality of the picture they are presenting to the world, because they know the importance of having a great profile picture as they master the art of managing their anonymity.




How to become a LinkedIn Ninja

Teenage TurtlesYou’ve seen them in movies and television series such as Dragon Ball and my personal favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  But what exactly are ninjas?   A
true ninja is not just someone who wears black, drops down from the ceiling and slices everything into pieces.  A ninja represents someone who has mastered the art of doing something.  Taking that liberal definition anyone with an interest, drive and conviction can become a ninja –  mastering something.

Why Become A LinkedIn Ninja? 

This is the first in a number posts I will be doing over the next several months on how to become a LinkedIn Ninja.  So why become a LinkedIn Ninja – Why is gaining mastery of LinkedIn so important?   Let me suggest 3 reasons:

jeffweiner1. LinkedIn is now the business profile of record

That is how LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner describes his site and he has the numbers to back up his claim. With over 200 million profiles worldwide LinkedIn active membership rose 50% from a year earlier. What is truly remarkable page views (people looking at profiles) climbed more than 60%, with much of the growth coming from views on mobile devices like cell phones or tablets.   All of this activity has made LinkedIn the destination site for job seekers, sales professionals and thought leaders.  Plus the company has become the darlings of Wall Street posting an 81% growth in revenue in last year’s fourth quarter with and even faster earnings growth expansion expected in 2013.

2. LinkedIn is critical for an effective networking strategy

LinkedIn puts your networking on hype drive. The importance of LinkedIn is best viewed through the eyes of the effective business to business networking tools of years gone by such as the Rolodexes and the notorious little black address books.  Using those tools your network is only comprised of the people listed on the paper that powered the tool.  LinkedIn allows you to multiply your connections simply by connecting to the connections of your connections or joining groups or by reaching out directly to people you don’t know but would like to get to know.  Things that was simply impossible with those old school technologies.

3. LinkedIn is the best social media tool for generating sales leads to the sales marketing site Hubspot, LinkedIn is 277% more effective in sales leads generations than   Facebook or Twitter.



Your 5 Step LinkedIn Ninja Starter Plan

Mastering anything starts with the basics so today we will start our Ninja training with five basic things you need to do get the most out of LinkedIn.

❶ Understand your purpose for being on LinkedIn

The thinking manOne of the biggest mistakes that can be made on LinkedIn or any social networking site is nothaving a purpose for doing it.  When developing a LinkedIn strategy with clients at the The Marben Bland Group we ask a single multiple choice questions to help to determine a client’s purpose for being on LinkedIn.  Based on our
years of working with clients these are the top 4 purposes for      being on LinkedIn.

Once you know why you are on LinkedIn you can pursue a strategy that will allow youWhy Are You On LinkedIn to achieve your objectives

❷ Establish a strategy for handling networking, contacts and endorsing /recommendations

LinkedIn is a site for establishing contacts along with building networks.  So it is important that you have a LinkedIn Networking Strategy. The strategy will determine how fast you build your network, the size of your network as well as the quality of the network. Ultimately it will answer the following question for you – How useful or valuable is your LinkedIn network?   In his blog the Undercover Recruiter Jorgen Sundberg details the 3 most popular LinkedIn Networking Strategies


Successful diverse business team laughing togetherStands for LinkedIn Open Networkers, or just open networkers. These users are totally open and will accept any invitation. The idea here is to connect to as many people as possible in order to reach out to more people. A larger network is particularly useful when prospecting for leads and doing research on people and companies

Professional Networker

FellowshipThis is what I believe LinkedIn was intended for, professionals connecting up to further each other’s’ careers. This would be the most typical LinkedIn user. A
salesperson would connect to his or her clients, the client would connect to their suppliers etc. You don’t actually have to have met the other person but  you will have dealt with them and deem there is a value being connected for
both your careers. Professional networkers will normally have anything from 200 to one thousand connections.

Exclusive Networker

CompmiseThis category of people will only ever connect to people they know well, trust and respect. This type of networker is likely to be very selective and can be drawn upon for passing on introductions and recommendations. You could say that the exclusive networker is actually not increasing their connections, merely storing them digitally on LinkedIn. There can be several reasons for wanting to be an exclusive networker, keeping your connections and activities confidential are certainly a major one. Exclusive networkers will rarely have more than 200 connections; remember that these are tight relationships formed over the years.

I have written extensively about networking please see the following posts for more of my take on the subject.

5 Ways to Power-Up Your Networking in 2013

How Strong Are Your LinkedIn Contacts?

3 Smart Job Search Tips for the Class of 2012

❸ Complete your LinkedIn profile to 100%

Linkedin-icon-300x247Before you start “tinkering” with your LinkedIn profile (or hiring a professional to enhance your profile), please take a minute to do the following:



  • From the drop-down menu next to your name on the right side of the Home page, choose Settings.
  • On the bottom left of the Settings page is a column titled Privacy Controls. Immediately under that heading is a hyperlink that reads “Turn on/off your activity broadcasts.”
  • Click on the activity broadcasts link and a dialog box will open giving you an option to choose who will see your activity updates. This will allow you make changes without the world know what you are doing.
  • If the box is checked to “Let people know when you change your profile, make recommendations, or follow companies,” uncheck it.   Again this is to keep the changes secrete until you are finished will all the changes.
  • Add a good quality professional picture
  • Use the headline to deliver a basic sales pitch about yourself

❹ Endorsement Mondays │ Recommendation Weekly Monday, take 10 minutes out of your morning to pay-it-forward by endorsing 10 people in your LinkedIn network. Imagine how you would feel if in your inbox on a Monday (a.k.a the day of the week when even the most cheerful people struggle to get going), you found endorsements of your skill sets from your peers.


Recommendations are essential to you. Seek them proactively and seek them passively. Proactive recommendation seeking involves reaching out and asking someone to recommend you. Passive recommendation seeking involves recommending someone, at which point LinkedIn asks them to recommend you back. The latter is actually a bit more effective.

Ninja❺ The Five Things LinkedIn Ninjas Should Do Every Day

1. Check your updates – particularly for your contacts’ profile changes and new connections.

2. Check your groups’ digests – look for new members and for opportunities to engage constructively.

3. Reach out with connection requests to anyone you’ve met in the last 24 hours.

4. Look at who’s visited your profile – visit them back and request a connection from anyone who looks interesting.

5. Check your saved searches when the reports come in for new opportunities.

The Bottom Line: Becoming a LinkedIn Ninja’s takes Work

Becoming a LinkedIn Ninja and gaining mastery over the tool takes work.  However, with the growth of LinkedIn as the online business tool of choice I can promise you all the work will have a big payoff.  I am honored to be your online coach helping you to achieving Ninja status.  So stay tune to this blog for more posts on how to become a LinkedIn Ninja.