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A Black Friday Deal For You!

Black Friday4

Welcome to Black Friday!  The day that all true shoppers dream of: the early morning openings, the excitement, and the deals!  Oh yes, the deals!

As you go out to fight the traffic, the masses, and the madness; I am pleased to offer you a Black Friday deal, which is actually a three for one. This is what you get:

  • Peace
  • Joy
  • Everlasting Life

And the best thing about this deal is it is Free! That’s right Free!  This deal has already been paid for by our sponsor, Jesus Christ.  However, you got to act now; because the deal of everlasting life is limited to your lifetime…and none of us know how long that will be.

How to get the deal? 

The scriptures tell us “If anyone will call out My name, they will be saved.” Romans 10:13.  Just pray this simple prayer and the benefits of this Black Friday Deal will start flowing to you.

“Father I come to acknowledge my sins to you. 

I come to ask for your salvation, guidance and grace in my life.

I believe that you sent your son Jesus to die on the cross for my sins

Help me from this day on to live in a way that pleases you. 

I know that living this new life will not be easy and that I will stumble and fall in my faith.

However, I ask for your help and to bring Godly people in my life that will help me in my new life with you.

I love you, Father; I thank you Father and look forward to spending eternity with you”


Taking full advantage of the deal

Black Friday3Now, if this is the first time you have prayed this prayer of salvation or if you are like me and have prayed this before; but did not keep the commitment of your new life in Christ, listen up.  I invite you to read this post on the 4 Essentials to Spiritual Growth.  I hope you will consider this document your instruction manual to you can take full advantage of your Black Friday Deal of salvation.

Enjoy the shopping today and please tell everybody about this great Black Friday Deal because it is truly the best deal that you will ever get.