Beyoncé’s 5 Strategies To Build A Great Presence On Social Media

Beyoncé2Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is more than just a superstar singer, actor and dancer.  She is an icon.  As one of just a handful of worldwide icons, the 33 year old native of Houston sets the trend in music, fashion and style.

Beyoncé’s masterful use of social media allows her to be “heard above the noise” in a globally competitive, cluttered, and sometimes confusing marketplace.  With social media Beyoncé  offers direct access to her adoring followers that are eager to receive her clear, concise, and convening messages.

The juggernaut which is Beyoncé has been built on 5 simple and timeless marketing strategies that we can all employ to build the social media presence that can get us hired, lead people to our church or sell our products.   Let’s explore them:

  1. Know Your Purpose

Beyoncé knows (LOL) why she is on social media.  Every Facebook post, Instagram Picture, and Beyoncé5Pinterest Infographic is intended to accomplish a specific goal.  She tweets to promote a new song.  She does a Y-Tube video to showcase a movie.  Then, she write a blog to bring attention to a cause.  The key is to know what you are trying to achieve and then to use the right social media tool.

Key Beyoncé Point: Know What You Want To Achieve And Then Use Social Media To Achieve It.

  1. Narrow Your Audience

Beyoncé15Yes, Beyoncé is a worldwide icon.  However, her true core audience that will plunk down money to download her music, purchase her cosmetics and go to her movies and concerts are in the 18-45 age bracket and mostly female.

Beyoncé has found the great often overlooked secrets of social media; which is to understand that your audience is narrow.  Beyoncé is not trying to cultivate followers with AARP cards. She is targeting the narrow; but, still larger chunk of the audience that will respond to her call to “buy” what she is selling.

Key Beyoncé Point: Find Your Sweet Spot and Cater To It.

  1. Use the Best Tool

Additionally, Beyoncé has mastered the art of giving her audiences what they want on the social Beyoncé9media platforms that are more effective to reach them.

Defined broadly, social media is simply using information sharing tools to send messages to a mass audience.  One of the best examples I have seen of using the right social media tool for the audience, comes from the pastor of my local church who uses recorded phone messages with her elderly flock as an effective social media tool to provide mass updates.

Key Beyoncé Point: Social Media Is Old and New School, So Use the Best Tool to Reach Your Audience

  1. Constant Contact

Beyoncé10Consistency of communication produces the best social media presence. Beyoncé’s camp provides some type of social media post on average every two days.

Now, I realize you and I don’t have a “camp”; and we probably don’t have the time to produce posts regularly like Beyoncé.   However, we can keep up with the global godless by following the 4 C’s formula for posting content:  Continuous, Create, Curate, Circulate

Continuous:  Set a regular schedule of posting that is right for you. The regularity is more important that the frequency.  For example, if you blog weekly your readers will be more loyal if they are provided content at the same time and day every week.  Less is actually more if it is done continuously.

Create:  About a third (33%) of the content you post should be stuff that you create:  Pictures, blog post and Infographics.

Curate: Is simply pulling together content on the web for presentation to your audience.  The second third (33%) can be from content that you have found on the web that is a fit for the people who read your email newsletter, or Facebook page.  You are free to curate any of my blog post just go to my webpage for more posts.

Circulate: The final third (33%) of your web presence is comprised of the spontaneous sharing of posts that come across the web.  Circulation differs from curating; because of the speed of the share.  Twitter is the best platform for spontaneous sharing.

Key Beyoncé Point: You Cannot Have A Social Media Presence Unless You Are Present On Social Media. (Use the 4 C’s.)

  1. Visuals Are Queen

Beyoncé6Perhaps Beyoncé’s greatest gift are her looks. The camera loves her and she loves it back.   More than ever the web is viewed on mobile devices and it thrives on pictures and video. Therefore, feed the beast by using the 4 C’s to give your audience a steady diet of visuals.

Key Beyoncé Point:  You Don’t Have To Look Like Beyoncé To Provide Great Visuals!!!

Be Like Beyoncé… Be Present

In today’s information driven society a presence on social media is a must for success. However, the good news is we can have the same impactful presence on social media as the icon Beyoncé.  We can have a social media presence when we employ the same timeless marketing strategies that Beyoncé and millions of others have done.

Social media has leveled the playing field of influence, where it is less about the money and more about the strategies.  Beyoncé has a presence now.  How about you?  See you on the social media.




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