A Prayer for Memorial Day

Dear Heavenly Father;

We put them in harm’s way in Midway

We put them in danger in Saigon

We put them in jeopardy in Kabul

And in all these places and many more at home and abroad

Brave men and women who went there full of life to protect our freedoms lost those lives on our behalf.

Father, we pause this weekend to remember those who went to fight.

Father, we stop this weekend to recall those who were wounded.

Father, we bow this weekend in relevance to honor those who died.

We thank you for those who fought

We request your healing for those who were wounded


We pray for your rest for those who died

Dear Heavenly Father;

It is my Memorial Day prayer that we embrace your peace.

So that we may study, engage and die in war no more.


©2015 Marben Bland

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