A Prayer for A King

Dear Heavenly Father 48 years ago on this day April 4, 1968 you called your servant the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. home as an assassin’s bullet cut him down in Memphis.

Father as go about our daily work.  We pause to thank you for this drum major for justice. We pause to thank for this champion of peace. We pause to thank you for this lamb killed on our behalf.

Heavenly Father, on this day as we reflect on Dr. King’s life, let us also keep focused on you God our creator and giver of life.  As you have given us your only son Jesus.

For it is through Jesus’s death and resurrection from the dead that we can all say with conviction and certainty: “Free at last, free at last…Thank God Almighty I am Free at Last.”


This morning it was my honor to have prayed the prayer that you just read as I joined a group of others who gather every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:30 AM (EDT) for prayer and devotion.  You are welcomed to join us the toll free number for our 10 minutes or less session is 641-715-3580. Access Code: 548874

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