4 Surefire Ways To Get Ahead

There are many paths to success but the only way to achieve it and – that is to get ahead.  While there are many elements to getting ahead presented below is a summary of 4 surefire things that will bring you success.

  1. Commit to becoming a Become a lifelong learner

ThinkerIn our busy world, it can often be hard to fit in time to learn anything that isn’t essential. However, the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.  Commit yourself to a lifetime of learning and you will always be ahead.

Some Tips  

  • Invest in your own career advancement: Don’t make the mistake of depending solely on your job provide career development. Take the initiative find the right class and training for you.

  • Strengthen your Strengths: We all have innate talents and abilities, strengths if you will. However, they go undeveloped or, worse, unnoticed because we focus too much on eliminating our e weaknesses rather than perfecting our strengths.

  • Become the go to person: Being the “Go To Person” increases your employability while helping establish you as a reliable resource of knowledge and assistance.

  1. Develop A Fantastic Network

Networking5Effective networking is more than just personal marketing. A fantastic network is driven by a strategy to be of service to others first and foremost.

Some Tips  

  • Upgrade Your Social Media Profile

All kinds of people use all kinds of ways to learn about you. Your updated social media profile puts you in control of what people discover about you.

  • Join A Professional Organization

Given the number of responsibilities that you juggle on a daily basis, joining a professional organization may not be one of your top priorities.  Whether you join an industry-specific group, a special-focus group membership in a professional organization will allow you to make valuable professional contacts and gain access a wealth of useful information.

  • Seek Out Reliable Mentoring

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group considers mentoring as the   single most important thing we can do to advance our careers.  Formal or informal the value of getting solid advice on our career and life is something that cannot be overlooked.

  1. Exercise, Sleep and Think

exerciseRegular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health.  Exercising along with regular sleep is the mental kick start needed to keep your mind sharp so you can do your best thinking.

Some Tips  

  • Exercise Improves Everything

From boosting your mood to revving up your sex life, exercise improves everything.   All of these advantages and more are available to you with as little as 30 minutes per day.

  • Give Yourself The Gift of Sleep

The data is overwhelming predictable and restorative sleep can help you cope better with psychological stress.  A good night’s sleep is also a key part in helping you ward off physical problems including high blood pressure and heart conditions.

  • Find The Time to Think

Our lives are busy with few moments of real reflection therefore the words than “I have no time to think” is perhaps the most universal feeling of workers across the income spectrum.

Forbs Magazine recently posted 11 Ways To Create More Time To Think The post features brilliant yet simple ways to generate more thinking time.

  1. Create a Nest of Accountability

Accountability is like rain everyone knows they need it, but no oneNest wants to get wet.  Get ahead by creating the attitude, systems, and practices that will keep you accountable.

Some Tips  

  • Stay On Top of Your To-Dos

There’s absolutely no reason why any task should fall through the cracks in this modern age of digital calendars and smartphones. Yet many of us miss deadlines or opportunities. Here’s advice from accountability expert Nellie Akalp:  “The second you discover a task you need to take care of — even if it’s just following up on an email you sent — make a note on your digital calendar. Set it as an alarm and forget about it…until your calendar reminds you.”

  • Delegate

You don’t have to be responsible for doing every action that you are accountable for.   Truly accountable people are willing to hand over some of the work to others.  Decide what is absolutely imperative for you to do, then hand other tasks to someone more qualified to take them on. Set deadlines and stay in touch to ensure those tasks get done successfully.

Set Goals and Work Towards Them

When you set goals, be super-specific: How much do you want to increase sales? What revenue number will you aim for next year? Then, detail out how you will achieve those goals. Who needs to be involved? What steps do you need to take to accomplish them? The more you plan out your goals and steps to reaching them, the more you will actually succeed.

Getting Ahead Day By Day

workOvernight successes are few and far between however, success is still possible if we are willing to work on getting ahead day by day.

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