3 Ways To Transform Your LinkedIn Picture From Crappy to Fabulous

Your LinkedIn profile picture should be the gold standard in how you are presented to the world.  Then why are there as so many crappy pictures out there?

Here are three quick ways to transform that crap that you call a picture to a fabulous work of art worthy of your accomplishments and hard work.

1, Smile: We are drawn to people who smile. There is an attraction factor. We want to know a smiling person frowns, scowls and grimaces all push people away — but a smile draws them in. Draw people into your profile by smiling.

2, Dress–Up: Your appearance is the first thing that people see. Dressing in a professional manner is a big part of creating the type of image that will allow you to achieve your dream.

Taking the time and effort to dress in a professional manner for your LinkedIn picture is a key way of showing your ability to perform at a high level.

3. Use A Pro: Humans are highly visual creatures even the most casual observers can see the flaws in a poorly done picture. Therefore make the effort to have your LinkedIn profile picture taken by a professional photographer.

Something as simple to fix as professional imagery shouldn’t be the deciding factor for choosing to connect with one professional over another, but it does.  Don’t let it happen to you.

A study conducted by job search website The Ladders found that recruiters spent more time examining a LinkedIn user’s picture than their qualifications.

Be ready for this examination by transforming your crappy LinkedIn picture to fabulous.


©Marben Bland 2015


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