3 Ways To Increase Your Personal Brand

1. Understand and communicate your personal brand – Do a personal evaluation

Take stock to understand what you bring to the table, do a self evaluation to understandnot only the results you can bring to potential employers, but the strategies you employ to produce them. Answer the following questions carefully to mine for this information:

  • What energizes you about work?
  • What reputation have you attained – what are you known for?
  • What kinds of work fit your natural talent?
  • What challenges and settings are a best fit for your experience?
  • What do others say about your contributions?

To make the process easier, remember that you are identifying information that employers need in order make a hiring decision.

 2. No one has time to connect the dots; do it for them!

The hiring audience is just as busy as you are. Since recruiters often scan resumes quickly and on electronic devices, brevity is the key for conveying a strong brand.  Produce a resume that highlights your strong points with concise wording that tells you story effectively connecting all the dots.

 3. Being all things to all people isn’t good enough anymore.

If you possess a diverse skill set, that’s wonderful, but what do you want to do with it?

While a colorful background can serve as a conversation point, hiring authorities need to see how your talent supports a particular role in their organization.  Two tips that can help you focus:

  • To deliver a focused presentation, create one resume for each job type. First, identify each career goal, then write your resume centered around it.
  • Add supporting detail that describes the relevance of your other experience to that same goal, and minimize unrelated information to let the job type emerge as a focal point. Repeat these steps for each job type or goal.

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