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Mother’s Day Prayer 2017

Pray with me please:
Dear Father, as we approach your throne of grace, we thank you for creating Mothers. We thank you for creating our mothers with unique combinations of gifts and talents. We thank you for sacrifices they make for us, both small and large. We thank you for the love they give us, which comes from you.
– We pray that you give each mother your strength – especially the ones who have experienced the loss of a child through death; those who are separated from their child by many miles, illness or prison.
– We pray that your grace will shine on the single mother who must perform the difficult task of being both mother and father.

Finally, we pray for the mothers who are alone on this Mother’s Day. We pray for mothers who are prison bound, whose children have left them, who are home bound and who are in nursing homes. We also pray for mothers who never had the honor of bearing children, but who nurtured many poor and needy children who crossed the threshold of their lives.

Father, be with us as we look at the relationship between Jesus and Mary, His Mother. May we learn your way to succeed at this relationship of love between a mother and her child.

It is in your wonderful Son, Jesus’ Name that we pray. Let us all say amen, amen and amen.

Marben Bland is the pastor of the Hall and Mitchell Chapel AME Churches in Sparta, Georgia

Mother’s Day Contentment

Mother’s Day is a time of great emotion, and as Sunday approaches, many of us are already feeling it.

Three of my friends lost mother’s recently, so for them and many others, this Mother’s Day will be a time of sadness.

For others, Mother’s Day is a happy time. It is when they show appreciation to mom, by lavishing her with praise, prizes and pedicures.

For me, the day and this week is a time of reflection. My mother who has Demetria turned 91 on Tuesday, This means the tables have turned; and now her children function in the role of parent and caretaker.

Philippians 4:11 tells us to learn to be content whatever the circumstances. At this point of my mother’s life, her memory is gone, her cognition diminished, her steps are getting shorter, but she is content with her circumstances.

It is the grace and mercy of God which has given me contentment regarding my mother’s circumstances. No longer do I think, “Why did this happen to such a wonderful, loving woman, who committed her life to using her powerful intellect to educate others?”

God’ grace has given me the magnificent gift of reflection. God’s grace affords me the time and space to reflect on the remarkable life she continues to live, and the continuous teaching she so generously provides for her children.

Therefore, on Mother’s Day the most emotional of days my prayer for you is contentment whatever the circumstance.

Marben Bland is the Pastor of Hall Chapel and Mitchell Chapel AME Churches in Sparta, Georgia.