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Super Bowl Questions

SB48 Trophy LogoThe countdown has begun for Super Bowl XLVIII.  Seven days of talk about the power of the Denver Broncos, about the might of the Seattle Seahawks, and glorification of the players along with the acknowledgement of the greatness of all things football.


Throughout the week, the media, fans, and players will focus attention on the answers to burning questions, which can only be answered fully when the game is over:

–      Payton Manning  Will Payton Manning overcome his history of poor play in the cold, in route to winning his second Lombardi Trophy?


What will the always quotable Richard Sherman say in his postgame interview with Erin Andrews?Richard Sherman



Met Life in Snow



How much will the weather be a factor in the big apple?


The countdown has begun for the Super Bowl of our lives, the opportunity to spend eternity with God in Heaven.  The years of our lives should be consumed with the talk of the power of the Lord, the might of His goodness, and the acknowledgement of the greatness of His son Jesus Christ.

Throughout our lives, the focus should be on the answer to one burning question: “How can we glorify God?” For me, the answer is simple: “Acknowledge.”

–        Acknowledge the Lord in all the ways of our lives.

“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths” (Proverbs 3:6, KJV).

–        Acknowledge the power of the Lord.

“You living far off, hear what I have done! You who are near, acknowledge my strength!”

(Isaiah 33:13, CJB).

–        Acknowledge and submit to the Lord and His will.

“We acknowledge our wickedness, O Lord, and the iniquity of our fathers, for we have sinned against you” (Jeremiah 14:20, ESV).

Super Bowl 48 LogoThe Super Bowl as well as the hype leading up to game, is one of the greatest traditions in American sports; though, most of the time, the buildup rarely matches the game.  The hype about the Super Bowl that God has in store for us is real and will far exceed any buildup we can give the Super Bowl here on earth.  Therefore, enjoy the game, while being secure in knowing that there is no burning question about what God has in store for us at the end of the game that we call life.

How to Get More Exercise Into Your Everyday Life

The show “The Biggest Loser” reminds all of us how valuable an even small amount of exercise can be.  However, the question about exercise is always time.   I ask myself that question all the time in my own busy life as I travel the country speaking and working with clients .  Knowing how difficult and expensive it can be to join a gym or to  purchase exercise equipment,  I found three simple ways to get more exercise into my everyday life that I would like share with you. ,

1. Walking.

The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other is the about the single best thing you can do for your health.  Some of the benefits of walking are:

  • Reduces the risks of heart attacks and strokes.
  • Fends off diabetes.
  • Increases your mind and trims your waist.

I do a lot of walking each day as I go from gate to gate at Airport Walkingairports or from meeting to meetings at client officers.  I have worn a pedometer at times to see how many steps I make in an average day and have discovered that, on an average, I make 20,000 steps just in those activates alone.

You might want to measure your routine walking also. The more you walk the more health benefits you get.

2. Standing.

A study from the Center of Disease Control reports that Standing while workingsitting for long period of time is not healthy.  Individuals who sit for extended periods of time are 54% more likely to have a heart attack than more active individuals. Men who sit more than 6 hours a day have a 20% higher mortality rate. Women have a 40% higher mortality rate. If you sit for more than 23 hours a week, you are 64% more likely to die from heart disease than more active individuals.

Regular exercise does not counteract the effects of prolonged sitting. The only way to reduce or eliminate the negative impact of prolonged sitting is to stand more frequently throughout the day.  The benefits of standing increases focus, alertness, and energy level.  All of these elements can reduce or slow the effects of some of the common ailments that I see, like heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.

3. Sleeping.

Sleeping WomanSleeping serves as an exercise. Surprised?  Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. If you do not get enough sleep, your heart, weight, and even your mind can be affected.  However, the restorative benefits of sleep cannot be obtained unless we make a commitment to exercise healthy sleep habits.  The Better Sleep Council  has come up these tips for better sleep.

Have a consistent bedtime.

The simple act of going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, including  weekends, will lead to unbroken sleep every night.

Ditch the electronics.

Cell phones, computers, and televisions create light, sound, and potential distractions, which make sleep difficult.  By getting them out of the bedroom, you make your bedroom a haven for good sleep.

Set a two-hour limit.

Finish eating, exercising, and working at the computer at least two hours before bedtime.

Final Thoughts

It is clear, even the smallest amount of exercise can do us a lot of good.  Therefore, keep these thoughts in mind as you look to get more exercise into your everyday life.

1. There is an exercise program for everyone.

Speak to your health care provider to come up with the right program for you.

2. Increase your heart rate.

Increasing your heart rate is the key. Exercising, by walking, and standing are easy ways to increase your heart rate, while doing everyday activities.

3. Sleep is exercise.

Restorative sleep can boost the benefits of exercise.  Exercise healthy sleep habits to improve your overall health.

Good luck and have fun as you get more exercise into your everyday life.


What Makes America Great

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” 

These words and the quests to make them true are what make America great.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and those committed individuals who worked, marched, and died with him were dedicated to making these words from the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence come true, not only for African-Americans, but for each American.


Today, we celebrate the legacy of Dr. King, with a day of action and a day of service.  This day is both a tribute and a reminder that we still have work to do to perfect the words in the Deceleration of Independence, making those words true for Americans, thereby, making America great.

When any American is denied the unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” then we are all diminished and America is denied the right to be great.

Therefore, let us join forces today to make America great in service to our fellow man as we uphold the principals of the Deceleration of Independence and of Dr. King.



Being Called To Play

pick up basetball

I grew up playing a lot of games, which required choosing sides.  With the large number of kids in our community, I always wanted to be called because, for me, being called meant:

  • I was worthy of consideration.
  • I had abilities.
  • I was going to be in the game.

Matthew was directly called by Jesus to be a disciple. As Jesus was walking along, he saw a man named Matthew sitting at his tax collector’s booth. “Follow me and be my disciple,” Jesus said to him. So Matthew got up and followed him (Matthew 9:9 NLT)

Jesus is calling us to be a member of His team.  If you were like me, however, I did not understand or realize that Jesus had been calling me for years.  What took me so long, you might wonder. Well, I refused to answer the call because:

  • I thought that I was not good enough to accept His call.
  • I resisted His call.
  • I was afraid to accept His call.

In the simple act of calling Matthew, Jesus answers all the concerns that blocked me for so long from answering His call.

Not good enough to take His call

When Jesus called Matthew to discipleship, Matthew was engaged in one of the least desirable professions of his day, tax collecting.  While we may not think we are good enough for the call, Jesus knows our true goodness.  Jesus’s strong preference is to take those who are downtrodden, marginalized, and living as outcasts and convert them to His glory.  In fact, shortly after Jesus called him, Matthew invited Jesus to have dinner with his fellow tax collectors and other noteworthy sinners.

Resisted His Call

When called by Jesus, Matthew instantly responded positively.  Now the question is: What do we do when we are called?  Are we like the Jewish priest who passed the half dead man along the road in Jesus’s story of the Good Samaritan? (Luke 10:30-37) Or will we be like the Samaritan who, despite being despised by society, answered the call by coming to the aid of a man and helping to restore him to health.  Jesus calls us constantly to be of service to our neighbors, for we are called to “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Luke 10:29 NLT)

Afraid to Answer His call

Matthew showed no fear in responding to Jesus’s call.  Jesus tells us in Luke 9:57-62 that there is a cost to accepting His call.  By answering His call we must understand that we will not always be well received. We will suffer attacks by friends as well as rejection by family members.  We will have setbacks in our call, but we should seek conform in what Jesus tell us in the Great Commission: “I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:20 NLT)

Jesus is calling us to be a member of His team. I hope you will take His call because anyone who is on Jesus’s team will always be on the winning side.


A Day of Service

Somewhere in America:

– A story needs to be read to a child.

– A family needs to be fed.

– A playground needs to be repaired.

Jesus said in Matthew 9:37 (NLT) The harvest is so great, but the workers are so few”   On Monday, January 20, 2014, many of us will have the day off as the nation celebrates the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. To truly honor Dr. King’s legacy, however, this holiday is not a day off but a day of service.  For as Dr. King once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?'”

Each year, Americans across the country answer that question by coming together on the King Holiday to serve their neighbors and communities.

Day of Service Frount

I hope that you will take some time on Monday or during the weekend to be of service in your community.  Go to the official King Holiday web page  to find out more.  I will be posting pictures of my service day on Facebook, and to spur others to action, I hope you will do the same.

Someone in your community needs your service. Will you give it?

How to Make PowerPoint More Powerful

PowerPoint2013I am a reformed PowerPoint junkie, and like any junkie, I abused and misused my drug of choice, PowerPoint.  I am convinced that PowerPoint has become public enemy number one in public speaking, resulting in countless poor, boring, and useless presentations.  That is why I have curtailed dramatically the use of PowerPoint in my work.  However, if you have not gone cold turkey and are still hooked on the stuff, my friend, mentor, and an amazing speaker Rich Gee, has devised a five-point strategy to put the power back in your PowerPoint

1: Use a solid, plain background.

Blank SlideKeep the background simple and open (I like plain white). Also, many presenters love to have their logo on every page, but I do not ascribe to this tenet. If you are afraid of someone absconding with critical information, have copyright data at the beginning and end. If you are worried, add copyright data to the printed form. However, remember that for screen projection, less is more.

 2: Shoot the bullets.

Feel The Power of PowerPointIf you are using bullets on a slide, you are saying TOO much. Your slide is a thought, an impact, or an idea that people will remember. What you add verbally is the filler, including the bullets, the knowledge. The minute I see bullets, I want to walk out because I know that the presenter has no idea to offer.


3: Ten words or less.

I prefer 10 words or less, but 15 is fine. Again, less is more. People do not want a Amenvolume of information. They want ideas, they want knowledge, and they want to be entertained. If you fill the page with words, throughout the presentation, your audience will read and not listen to you.



4: Use images.

Use images to add flourish and vibrancy to what you are saying. If you use boring Becoming a LinkedIn Ninja│ Your Profile Picturebusiness photos or bad art (which comes with PowerPoint – and they’re awful), stop before you kill again. Do not put an image on every slide; let the typography of the information reinforce your verbal statement.



5: Know your technology.

ProjectorLearn how to trouble-shoot technology because laptops, iPads, projectors, and HD TVs are not always user friendly. Practice connecting your laptop to the projector or HD TV over and over again. Go to Best Buy, with laptop in hand, and get advice on every possible cord, dongle, and connector you might need to connect your device to any projector or HD TV. Buy these gadget supporters, put them all in a bag, and take them to every presentation.  In addition, I recommend that you buy a clicker to advance your slides easily.

Remember: Your audience came to see you present, not a PowerPoint show.  Make your presentations more powerful by having less PowerPoint and more of you.

Go to for more amazing advice