In 1991, my baseball team, the Atlanta Braves played in the franchise’s first   World Series in thirty-three years. This was the first World Series my team had been a part of in my lifetime hence, I was “just happy” that they made it.   However, as the series moved along something changed. I went from “just happy” to wanting and expecting them to win. When we lost in game seven to the Minnesota Twins I was greatly disappointed.

Many Royals fans have told me that they are “just happy” to be in the World Series.  After 29 years of being out of the playoffs, the “just happy” position is a totally understandable reaction to years of frustration. However, in life, as in sports, we should not settle for being good and “just happy”; when greatness and being a champion is at our disposal.

Needless to say, every team will not be like the San Francisco Giants who in the last 5 years, are on the brink of winning a 3rd championship; and with the Kansas City Royals playing in the American League, you know when New York or Boston will outspend them to a title. Therefore, getting back to this stage will be difficult; if not impossible.

Well, the same is true for us. We may not get another chance at that sale, interview, relationship or time with our family. So, we should stop settling for “just happy”. The time to win a championship is now! My Braves, despite making it to the fall classic again in 1992, did not win it until 1995. Then, they lost again in 1996 and 1999. It has been 15 years; and we have gone without planning in the last baseball games of the year.

People who go far in business and life do so by not settling for “just happy”; especially when greatness is obtainable. Therefore, from one baseball fan to another, root like heck, for the Royals to win. Then, expect them to win! When we set higher standards and reach for them, we will obtain greatness. “Just happy” will turn into “Jubilation for a lifetime!” Isn’t that the only way to play the game, do business and to live our lives?

Royal fans I won’t be “just happy” when the team takes the field on Tuesday. I will be rooting for the win and expecting greatness!


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